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Acoustic Room by Fantoni

Made in Italy

01/12/2016 | FANTONI GROUP

The Fantoni Research Centre investigates the evolving world of work, including its sociological aspects, and responds to the need for both a social life and privacy in the workplace.

With increasing frequency, open-space offices require small meeting areas or closed spaces for those in need of privacy.

Acoustic Room creates an acoustically-protected haven inside an open-space office or collective environment, for meetings and other situations requiring particular privacy and focus.

The box is supplied with different levels of customization, from a very simple solution to one with melamine flooring and glass walls.

A box within a box, comprising two modules of different dimensions (D254 x L254 x H254 cm – D254 x L134 x H254 cm) which consist of 4akustik sound-absorbent panels, which are a high-performance acoustic product.

Category: Sound-proofing
Tags: acousticroom, FANTONI

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