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Bossong BCR V Plus: New homologation for seiemic anchors with rebars with improved adherence

Made in Italy

09/09/2016 | BOSSONG

The vinylester styrene-free chemical anchor BOSSONG BCR V PLUS has recently obtained seismic qualification for the creation of post-installed connections of rebars with improved adherence in concrete.

The product was qualified in accordance with the French legislative standards, at the CSTB institution.

This type of qualification has led to the so-called DTA approval being obtained, which is valid throughout French territory and wider afield.

In fact, not many people are aware that the current EOTA European standards on concrete anchors, the so-called ETAGs/EADs, only cover seismic applications in terms of anchorage theory but not in terms of concrete casts in accordance with the reinforced concrete design rules according to Eurocode 2.

Particularly in Italy, designers who are required to design these connections, which involves extending a concrete slab, creating concrete lugs or making new girders between existing concrete columns, now refer to the qualification of products in accordance with EOTA TR023. However, this qualification does not include applications in the seismic field but only applications for static and quasi-static loading.

For this reason, BOSSONG S.p.A., which is always attentive to market demand but above all to the requirements and actual needs of designers, has invested in this new qualification in order to offer full support to the designers who are faced with these problems on a daily basis.

The French qualification is inspired by the rigorous tests laid down by ETAG-001 ANNEX E and the adherence values of the product can be found in the DTA homologation document, in order to design these types of connections in complete safety.

Furthermore, still in relation to post-installed connections of rebars with improved adherence, the product was qualified by the Milan Politecnico University in relation to fire resistance up to 240 minutes.

The product BCR V PLUS also obtained ETAG qualification for cracked and non-cracked concrete and was approved by the French INPP institute for underwater applications.

BOSSONG BCR V PLUS is the right answer to all the requirements of professionals in the industry for creating really secure connections on concrete in all situations: earthquakes, fires, water and damp, cracked concrete and non-cracked concrete.

Category: Fixation systems
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