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Published on luglio 21st, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Roma, 996 - 37040 Bevilacqua (VR) - ITALY

Phone (+39) 0442 633 111 - Fax (+39) 0442 633 265

Production: Splits, Chillers and terminal units

Air conditioning

Aermec has been in the Air Conditioning business for over 50 years.
In Italy Aermec is the market leader with a portfolio of more than 300 products including Splits, Chillers and terminal units.
The company provides its customers with the right solution at the right time.
Its qualified after-sales service is ready to act everywhere, also close to you.
Therefore Aermec air-conditioning.
To study, to work, to rest, to feel better everywhere.


Born from the intuition and intellectual capacity of Giordano Riello, Aermec today is an operational production company as well as a brand of reference in Italy and Europe in air conditioning and climate control.
Aermec offers an extremely broad range of products, with more than 300 in its catalogue; this product range ensures quality and reliability which is widely acknowledged on the market for the air conditioning sector as well as for “split system” residential environments and fan coils – a product where the company is the leader on the Italian market with a 25% share of items sold – in addition to machines for all system sizes, boasting impressive versatility in terms of technical solutions. Research always focuses on higher efficiency and even better energy saving.
The range of plant machinery is enhanced by models equipped with inverter technology compressors and now extends to air-water heat pumps and water-water geo-thermal pumps.

600 employees; 129,000 square metres of total factory area; 60 exclusive sales outlets in Italy; 56 exclusive distributors in Europe and the Mediterranean area; 7 distribution companies in France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom (managed directly or subsidiaries); 78 technical assistance service centres in Italy; turnover of more than 178 million Euro. These figures rank Aermec among the top companies promoting the quality of Italian work and technology world-wide.


Aermec was founded in the early 1960s with a project that was so ambitious for the times that it seemed to be a gamble: ensure well-being and comfort in all settings where people live and work.
This vocation is still the mission for Aermec’s business activities: to make it effective, the company has always focused its activities on constant attention to research, innovation and quality in order to develop products and technical solutions which aim to ensure maximum satisfaction amongst air conditioning users.
The competitive edge of Aermec is based on curiosity for what is new combined with the technological challenges posed by innovation.
For Aermec, doing business to generate profits also means emphasising the importance of retaining its Italian spirit and its strong bonds with the local territory.
The culture of the company and the family of Giordano Riello recognize the decisive importance on this area and relies on professionalism and work determination – typical of the area where the company is based – in order to grow, consolidate and continue to compete with success.
If the company grows and continues to generate wealth, this is meaningful if the territory and the people living there also grow along with the company.
This is why, wherever possible, Aermec does not resort to delocalisation operations, relying on the background of skills and the network of opportunities that its local territory ensures.

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