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Published on Giugno 18th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Monte Prato, 3 - 22029 Uggiate Trevano (CO)

Phone (+39) 031 803 200 - Fax (+39) 031 803 206

Production: protection nets

Agrotextiles, techtextiles, smart textiles

ARRIGONI group has been in the technical textile sector since 1936. In 1959 it started production of nets in polyethylene. It has 50 years of experience in the field of protection nets.
In Italy there are 2 plants: Uggiate Trevano (Como) and Putignano (Bari).
The covered surface is 22,000 m2, but the total surface has an area of 60,000 m2.
Production capacity is * more than 3500 TONNES/year of nets, which equates to 50 million square meters of net (5000 hectares) with medium weight.
The great range of nets and fabrics produced by Arrigoni group also includes accessories and other articles which are produced by important companies and these are always tested in our laboratory.
Arrigoni – in cooperation with universities and Research Centres – constantly innovates and improves its products with attention to performance, durability and environmental impact.
Arrigoni’s team is qualified, knowledgeable and competent. It is characterized by passion and innovation momentum; it dedicates to the quality and reliability of the product, an energy full of talent.
The group is financially solid; extrusion and weaving equipments are in the vanguard of technology.
ARRIGONI is represented in 50 countries throughout the world, thanks to its distributors.

ARRIGONI range covers 3 divisions:

  • AGROTEXTILES – nets for agriculture
  • TECHTEXTILES – nets for technical use
  • SMART TEXTILES – nets for different applications

The AGROTEXTILES division offers high tenacity and long lasting nets for the climatic and biological control of the crops and useful nets: protection from birds, hail, wind, sun, frost, insects, weeds, nets for support of climbing plants and non-woven fleece. Gardening range (city garden) joins to the professional sector.
The TECHTEXTILES division concerns different applications:

  • Industry – nets for technical use. Main application of the net is in the production of plates made by technical fabrics in more layers.
  • Building – nets for the protection and safety of the building site: scaffolding delimitation nets, security nets, nets for security loads and for plaster.
  • The SMART TEXTILES sector includes “smart” applications of the net (events, occultation, gazebos, parking, sails) and sport.


  • excellence in quality: producing high tenacity and long lasting nets with technical characteristics higher than the market average;
  • continuous effort and attention to service;
  • research and development: ability to search and make the required changes and to improve both inside and outside (universities / customers / suppliers);
  • relationships: transparency in the management of relationships, attention to the employers and their professional growth; close dialogue with the customer to “solve” the problems;


Arrigoni has a strong experience in the realization of protective nets installed in difficult climatic environments.
Our laboratory is equipped with the most modern measuring and testing instruments to ensure the customer receives a certified and high quality and long lasting product.
The equipment of our laboratory includes:

Accelerated Weathering Tester:

it allows to simulate the behavior of the fabrics over the years and provides precise information on the effect of UV radiations on the final product;
Climatic Chamber:
It can recreate extreme climatic conditions by controlling temperature and humidity: the range of temperatures runs from -40 ° C to +180 ° C and that one related to the relative humidity from 10% to 95%.
This allows the study of the effects of nets exposed to harsh environments;
Digital dynamometer:
It allows to perform various types of tests on the mechanical properties of fabrics and yarns;
Air permeability of fabrics:
The device measures the quantity of air that perpendicularly crosses the sample under test;
MFI METER (granule fluidity) Luxometer in the dark room (shading power)


Arrigoni, active in product and process innovation became the protagonist of a considerable amount of research projects and experimental development, identifying methods for the solution of production problems, improvement and product innovation.
To do this , ARRIGONI established important partnerships with universities, formalized in the management of research projects, which led to achieve tangible results, replicable and which could be extended to the whole production.
The commitment to innovation is a priority and it marks the only possible way for the preservation of the position as leader in the market.

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