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Published on giugno 4th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via dei Tigli, 1 - 47042 Villalta di Cesenatico (FC) - ITALY

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Production: innovative solutions and ideas for decorating spaces

Casali® combines aesthetics, functionality and innovation with complete security.

Glass has always been a passion of Maurizio Casali, the creative genius behind all of our products.
He discovered this passion at a very young age because, as he says, “I’ve always been fascinated by this spirit of eternal transparency.
I have a lot of memories of myself as a teenager in the wintertime drawing in the steam that formed on the glass: I busied myself trying to create transparency on transparency!”
As an adult, Casali’s ambition was to move away from basic uses of glass, aiming instead towards fascinating experimentation with its full potential.
Casali® has redesigned glass, placing it in the spaces of everyday life, pushing the limits of the usual methods of working with this ancient material.
More than thirty years of collaboration with architects, planners and designers has led to the creation of innovative solutions and ideas for decorating spaces in transparent and harmonious ways.
Glass is a structural element that defines environments by dividing them without making them separate, allowing light to become a surface that refines and amplifies space through reflection.
Casali® combines aesthetics, functionality and innovation with complete security.


  • Pre-sales

According to needs and requirements, Casali directly cooperates with field experts by making surveys and feasibility studies to ensure that doors/solutions function in compliance with safety standards and regulations.
Casali also offers consulting services to assist with selecting the right accessories for the door based on its use in public places.
Casali’s accessories are certified to ensure the number of opening cycles required in places with a high volume of people.
Casali provides the layout for each project and feasibility study, to render the potential purchase as realistic and faithful as possible.
In addition, the Company also assists customers in the product selection phase during purchase.
All themes are proportional to the size of the glass of each door, in order to recreate the same sense of balance and beauty of the original design.

  • Assemblay

The installation of sliding systems and glass is a very delicate phase which is entrusted to Casali Technical Specialists, whose aim is to seamlessly integrate the solution into its new environment.
In order to ensure that doors slide or open easily, while complying with safety regulations that go beyond regulatory standards, technical solutions are used that ensure the product integrates perfectly with building structures and wall cavities for recessed doors that can frequently be misaligned by several centimeters.

Casali has developed technical solutions to solve any problem, so that each product will always be used in the best condition and guarantee satisfaction both from a technical and functional point of view.
Each installation is made “to order”, thanks to a highly professional team of installers trained by the company that performs installations around the world quickly and guarantees installation in a single operation.

  • After-sales service

After-sales service is among the many services Casali offers, which means not only assistance with assembly but also includes the supply of accessories to make installation of the door easy and safe.
The experience and supervision of the on-site installation team satisfy the customer and allow them to partake in the Casali experience.
For deliveries to construction sites, direct assistance is always part of after-sales service, even though each package is provided with technical specification sheets and instructions, as well as mounting kits for easy installation and a list of the sheets of glass.
The technical specification sheets are easy to understand and provide clear and simple visual information. Keys, spacers and felt pads are also provided in the packages. Casali also provides cleaning kits to maintain the product better over time.


The basic tenets of Casali production are to do everything according to regulation and lengthy testing.
Certificates ensure the safety of each product.
An essential part of the product design is reserved for the sliding, fastening and application systems used for the movement and positioning of each piece.
So, when something new is invented, many spontaneous and cyclical tests are performed using the maximum weight of the door to thoroughly investigate the mechanical, track or drive part.
The company’s philosophy is one of prevention and improvement, finding a solution to any problem by thinking in the most logical and functional way possible.

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