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Published on luglio 17th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Pezzonasca, 27 - 16047 Moconesi (GE) - ITALY

Phone +39 0185 935000 - Fax +39 0185 935001

Production: Stonefloor

ARTESIA: passion for nature

Natural Stone: the range consists of 34 100% natural stones selected from the best mines in the world.

Not coloured or chemically treated: they are not treated with enamels and there is no risk of uncovering a part of the product with a different colour after an impact.
The natural colours remain unchanged even after many years of wear and tear.
Eco-friendly: the stone is found in nature and not manufactured in the laboratory.
Processing with zero environmental impact: the extraction and processing take place fully respecting the environment. Stringent environmental regulations combined with age-old traditional extraction techniques and modern technology allow for real environmental protection.
The existing regulations require, in addition, the restoration of mining sites.
Considering the entire extraction and production cycle, it can be said that there is practically no production waste.
During processing, a water jet cutting process is used, the powder produced is completely reduced and the water used in the processing is purified and reused. Smoke is not emitted in the environment.
It creates wellness and lasts forever: Natural stone has unique qualities in terms of beauty, durability and health. Surrounding oneself with natural materials creates personal well-being. Slate disperses high and low frequency wave emissions and the static electricity produced daily by household appliances.
It has been used in the past as insulation in electrical panels. It does not encourage the development of bacterial micro-organisms and mould and the shape of the stones inhibits the nesting of insects.
Energy saving: slate has excellent thermal insulation capacity. The energy requirement for heating and cooling buildings clad in stone, through floors, internal cladding, façade cladding or roof, is significantly lower than the average using other materials.
LEED CERTIFICATION credits: apart from featuring aesthetic quality and functionality, buildings must be energy-efficient and have a low environmental impact. It is a factor that guarantees a higher market value to green buildings, that is to say, to buildings that obtain a specific certification guaranteed by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an independent institute whose parameters define precise criteria for design and construction.
It is not flammable: corresponds to class A of building materials in accordance with the DIN 4102 standard.
Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging: natural and recyclable materials are used for packaging such as cardboard and wood.
Natural Stone, assessing its entire life cycle, enables significant energy savings, proving to be economically and ecologically advantageous


Artesia® offers a range of thirty-four natural colours of slate and quartzite mined in various parts of the world from Italy to South America, from Africa to the Far East and then processed and finished in Italy, with the unmistakable quality of Made in Italy.
Experience in stone processing, systematic investment in technology, acquisition of the most exclusive quarries including two new quarries recently in Argentina, enhancement and preparation of human resources and the professionalism of dealers and designers worked with are the factors that make Artesia a production company oriented to innovation, quality and design.
Artesia® is also chosen by professionals because, thanks to research on slabs and blocks from all over the world, a variety of solutions can be found: from floor panels to mosaics, from Listone to Murales, from shower trays, wash basins and customised counter tops to special pieces such as steps and skirting.
It also offers a complete range for treatment and post-installation cleaning.

All perfectly modular, packaged ad hoc and easy to install like a standard tile, but handmade according to tradition and with unmistakable quality.


The philosophy that guides the production choices of International Slate Company has two strengths. First, the stone is still processed by hand according to the Made in Italy brand tradition of craftsmanship and thus, the high quality of products remains unchanged.
Secondly, with the Artesia brand, the company also focuses on finding new and refined aesthetic elements that have characterised the uniqueness of the brand and placed it in the best showrooms in Italy and abroad, with whom a strong business partnership has been established. Quality and aesthetics make Artesia a choice appreciated both by professionals and the world of contract furnishing.

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