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Published on Giugno 5th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti




Square Village, Rijvisschestraat 126, 3 - B-9052 Gent - BELGIUM

Phone + 32 9 248 17 00 - Fax + 32 9 248 17 58

Production: Fencing and gratings

Betafence is a company with worldwide coverage.

More than 130 years of excellence
Betafence looks back at more than 130 years of the highest quality in fencing.
As leader in product, service and application innovation, Betafence sets standards of excellence for the entire fencing industry.

  • 500 employees

Betafence currently employs 1500 people worldwide. Its headquarters are located in Belgium.

  • 8 plants

Betafence has 8 production sites in 8 countries: Belgium (Zwevegem), United Kingdom (Sheffield), Germany (Schwalmtal), Italy (Tortoreto), Poland (Kotlarnia), South Africa (Cape Town), Turkey (Istanbul) and the USA (Ennis, Texas).

  • 30 sales offices

Betafence has sales offices throughout the world. For all our sales representatives, customers satisfaction is the number one priority.

  • 100 countries

Betafence is a company with worldwide coverage. Customers in 100 countries can rely on sales support and service.

Quality Objectives

  • To realize true satisfaction of our customers
  • To efficiently manage our key processes
  • To continuously improve

Guidelines for implementation

Key Performance indicators (KPI’s) in line with the company’s objectives and well focused on customer requirements are set up annually and deployed throughout the organization.
A practical and effective ISO 9001 certified Quality System is implemented based on a sound customer feedback system.
Customer requirements are “fitness for use” translated into product and service specifications and further down into well-controlled operational process parameters.
Each employee and each team continuously takes initiative and participates to the improvement of our processes and performances, and contributes to preventive and pro-active thinking and action.
Change projects and new product and process development projects are realized in a market driven, focused and structured way.
These projects are essential to fulfill both customer expectations and the company’s objective to grow.
Cross-functional multidisciplinary teams are set up whenever needed and actions are realized with high sense of urgency.
Key competences are identified. Each employee is regularly informed and trained to improve competences and increase quality awareness.
The Management provides the necessary resources to realize the Quality Objectives.
(Michele Volpi, CEO January 2012)

Sustainable development

The Betafence tagline says it all: Securing What Matters
In these often troubled times, the need to feel safe has become fundamental and people wish to protect what they cherish. While respecting the desire for freedom, we offer the protection of everything that people value.

Environmental responsability

An important aspect of Securing What Matters is being environmentally responsible in the products we manufacture, and the processes we use in production.
Betafence today is the world leader in physical perimeter fencing systems, access control and detection systems. It has been producing and exporting uniqueness and innovation throughout the world for 130 years, guaranteeing the highest standards of product quality.
We aim to use the best technologies available to guarantee a sustainable development.
From emission control to lowering our energy, water and gas consumption and managing our waste, we monitor all production processes with care, transparency and reliability.

4 elements of sustainable development:

  • Product
  • Production
  • Environment
  • People
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