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Published on Maggio 20th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Cecilia Danieli, 2 - 33090 Sequals (PN) - ITALY

Phone +39 0427 939311 - Fax +39 0427 939321

Production: Sectional Loading Doors, Folding Doors and Dock Levellers

Large investment in human, financial and technological resources.

“Breda Sistemi Industriali” was founded in 1986 in Istrago di Spilimbergo (PN – Italy) as a limited liability company (Ltd) to introduce a completely new product onto the Italian market: the sectional shutter door.
Initially, the components of the door were sourced from Northern Europe, where the sectional door was already well known, and then assembled.
For customers, this was a completely new product, though slowly they were won over to the sectional door as the door of the future.
During the following years, the company designed and invested in new machines to contain assembly costs and started to design and produce the previously imported components.


The experience gained in this sector is the result of a large investment in human, financial and technological resources which has allowed the company to reach a position of leadership in the Italian and European door market in only a few years, producing all accessories and components used in the production cycle.
With the development of market demand, their product range has increased and diversified, covering fields where the demand for quality and range of product are even greater.
The product range started with doors, used almost exclusively for industrial use and has now extended to specific products and accessories for residential use.
Breda now provides the most complete range of sectional doors produced in Europe.
To the sectional doors products lines, have been added folding doors, dock levellers and dock shelters. Breda now offers a wider and more complete product choice.
Each product line consists of a range of models, to meet the needs of increasingly demanding and discerning customers.
All models are equipped with the complete range of mandatory safety devices as standard, in compliance with current regulations and can be customised from a range of finishes and accessories.


Each Breda shutter door is different, from its design to its exclusive personalisation. Your Breda will be exclusively yours, solving any problems of its architectural adaptability to your home and your need for praticality, and will reflect your tastes and yours alone.
Starting from its design, created with advanced computer technology which eliminates any production problems right from the start, you can have a `made to measure´ shutter door, respecting all existing regulations, and with its own reference registration, for an after sales assistance which will “already know” your shutter door from its design to installation.
The best installaters know Breda and its quality policy which it has carried forward successfully for decades: for example, the periodic specialist courses which Breda organises to make known all the technical innovations which are being introduced in its products.
The particular appearance of  Breda is never subordinated to the  shape of your house: it does not modify the style of the shutter door, it is the sliding system which is modified according to the slope of the roof.
This characteristic gives uniformity to all the shutter doors, with undoubted advantages for their appearance.


In order to be marked Breda, each new product must satisfy all safety standards in full and come complete with a range of safety systems.
These safety systems, like the quality of the construction of the shutter doors, are very carefully tested and checked to ensure what you have chosen is “the best”.
Sectional Loading Doors, Folding Doors and Dock Levellers are guaranteed to have advanced safety systems and in some case are covered by international Breda patents as well as CE certification against mandatory specifications for products marketed in the European Community.
This is a further guarantee of quality construction and company reliability.

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