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Published on Luglio 24th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti


DOOR 2000

Made in Italy


Via Segaluzza, 30/E - 33170 Pordenone (PO) - ITALY

Phone +39 0434 628739 - Fax +39 0434 604614

Production: Doors

We are opening our doors to international markets

“Even before classifying itself as a large Company, Gruppo Door 2000 considers itself a large family which shares values governing partnerships, willingness, doing things well.
This is the secret of our history, our thirty year experience within the furniture sector, our modest success stories.
We are a team of 244 persons who consider ourselves creators of exceptional work which results in innovative creations, advanced technologies, exceptional production flexibility, sector skills within the various furnishing fields, readiness to interpret international scenarios.

In our eyes, people always assume centre stage.
It is these enthusiastic and determined professionals and associates who gather every day in the Door 2000 meeting rooms who research new materials, new solutions, new ways of communicating, or to discuss business strategies, design and fashion trends.

Together with our international partners we are able to follow a new direction.”


The strength of the ideas propels us to face new challenges.

The Made in Italy label is famous worldwide for its style, its uniqueness, its innovation ability and its teamwork. Gruppo Door 2000 possesses these values and upholds them on a daily basis with winning strength and mentality, typical of the best Italian business, specifically a business which has developed in the North-east of Italy.
Its unique ability to satisfy market requests and, at times, to make them a reality with the introduction of innovative patents, has, with time, supported its excellent production flexibility.
Door 2000 is able to provide suitable and timely responses to all types of orders, in any country across the globe. T
his specific feature has enabled the Company to establish important business relationships not just in Italy, but also in France, Belgium, the East, North Africa, India, Canada, the United States, Latin America.
Quality and the Environment represent additional Gruppo Door 2000 fundamental values.
In the words of Liliana Nadal, Door 2000 Chairwoman: “Only by looking forward to what we are to become in the future, will we live the present to the maximum”.


30.000 square metres dedicated to maximum quality.

The Gruppo Door 2000 production lines expand over an area of 30,000 square metres. The establishments have been designed according to a layout which serves to optimise processes and propels the effective application of protocols, set down by the various certifications which the Company holds.
Even internal and external handling is carried out according to functional logic and maximum safety.

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