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Published on Giugno 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Pò, 12 - 64018 Tortoreto (TE) - ITALY

Phone +39 0861 784200 - Fax +39 0861 781035

Production: Curtain walls and steel&glass staircases; partitions, doors, canopies, structures for urban planning/streets

Passion, continuity and professionalism are fundamental qualities that Faraone offers to its partners.

Curtain walls and steel&glass staircases are the most recognizable items produced by Faraone Srl.
Faraone was one of the first companies to adopt the innovative technology of the point-fixed glass system, and quickly became a leader in the field.
This position is strengthened by means of continuous investment in technology research, the development of product lines and special attention dedicated to services, following a total quality model.
Passion, continuity and professionalism are fundamental qualities that Faraone offers to its partners.
It does not only produce external structures, but also partitions, doors, canopies, structures for urban planning/streets, as well as interior staircases and a wide range of railing and balustrades.
Design plays a central role in all new Faraone products.

Over 4 decades of success

  • 1969 – Mr. Sabatino Faraone sets up the company, which still bears his name, in an approximately 80 squares meters area.The team is composed of a workman and tree apprentices.
  • 1973 – The company moves to a 2000 square meters new corporate headquarter.
  • 1976 – Mr. Faraone joins his first worker, a surveyor and an accountant, building with them a new company named SEVA, whose purpose was to follow minor projects.
  • 1978 – The company produces its first aluminum staircase. Two years later, this structured innovation process has been implemented in ISA (now IMA), a new company’s division led by Piero Faraone (Sabatino’s brother).
    In the 80’s Faraone Group begins a sustained period of growth, especially in 1988, when they launched the revolutionary “SOLARIA”: a ventilated double-skin facade with thermal transmittance to a value of 0.94 W / m² K and noise reduction up to 55 dB (data processing and certification: ISTITUTO GIORDANO).
    Those data are still relevant today.
  • 90’s – The group gains significant knowledge and expertise in producing aluminum staircases and continues to grow considerably.
  • 2000 – Faraone broaden its horizon producing new types of curtain walls,something never seen before in the Italian market, providing a complete set of components and ensuring quality and professionalism.
  • 2004 – Faraone takes part at SAIE2, in Bologna, and presents the first steel&glass staircase, designed by the architect Mauricio Cardenas Laverde.
    It was an important step toward becoming a more recognized international reality, setting research and innovation as undisputed Faraone Group’s trademarks.
  • 2008 – New exclusively designed products find their ways to market: glass, steel-like aluminum and stainless steel banisters and balustrades.
  • 2010 – As the result of the ambition to succeed and continuous improvements, new innovative items enjoy the range of products: niche creations give the company a strong distinctive identity, the right effort to overcome any crisis.

Almost half a century of experience.

One of the strong points of our company is its long experience in this field, as we can share over forty years of experience with our business partners.
Faraone is a household name in Italy and becoming increasingly established abroad.
The will to overcome future challenges is in the company’s DNA.
It is a firm which adapts to modern requirements and anticipates future trends.

We are passionate about design.

We believe that design is an integral part of every project.
The planning system developed by Faraone is characterized by the study of new product lines and the attention devoted to the details of every new product.
Aesthetic care and ongoing research into new materials are the basis of new concepts of products and endless furnishing solutions.

From the synergy between internal and external designers, our ideas come to life and reach you.

Internal Designers:

  • Matteo Paolini
  • Roberto Volpe
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