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Published on gennaio 23rd, 2015 | by Sara Leonardi



Made in Italy


Via Cacace, 5 - 30030 Maerne (VE) - ITALY

Phone +39 041 640011 - Fax +39 041 641431

Production: Motors and control devices for the automatic operation of roller blinds and awnings

The history of a company is a fascinating journey made up of ideas, values and strategies.

Since its formation in 1963, Fitem has chosen to create products of the highest quality and safety, relying on research and innovation and on the development of its proprietary, top-level know-how.
It is thanks to this philosophy that Fitem has managed to progressively achieve a leading position in the market, both in Italy and abroad, offering a wide range of products whose features and reliability are guaranteed by means of accurate quality control systems.
The aim which was achieved over the first 40 years of business is also a challenge for the future: to keep satisfying its clients with the quality of which the company has become a synonym.
As a market leader in the production of motors and control devices for the automatic operation of roller blinds and awnings, Fitem offers a wide range of products: tubular motors in different power ranges and electronic control devices with advanced technology, easy to install and able to satisfy all market needs.
Fitem has always attached particular importance to renewal and it constantly invests in the technological development of the product and of the production systems. Its goal is consolidating its market position by offering top level quality and safety. To attain these goals, the company relies on strictly certified sophisticated test systems. These are and necessary for the accurate testing of all tubular motors and of prototypes of new models for future launch on the market. All Fitem products are certified by major international institutions to European and American standards. Moreover, the company Quality System has been certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.
Fitem also guarantees constant upgrading, especially regarding software, to guarantee at all times updated, state-of-the-art products.
As far as research and development are concerned, Fitem keeps investing its energy and resources to make the new ZIGBEE® electronic technology accessible to all of its clients. This system will allow communicating with our home or living spaces with just a Text Message.

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