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Published on giugno 18th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Martiri della Libertà, 6/8 - 35010 Grantorto (PA) - ITALY

Phone +39.049.9490289 - Fax +39.049.9494028

Production: building industry

A path of growth, enthusiasm, insights and evolution.

GEOPLAST’s 30-year activity is a path of growth, enthusiasm, insights and evolution.
It all began in 1974 when the Pegoraro family established a business dealing with the regeneration of low- and high-density polyethylene and polypropylene.
At a time when the regeneration processes were hardly known, the Pegoraro family became the pioneers in the field of plastic materials: they soon stood out for the best quality of their production, obtained through innovative regeneration processes.
Their entrepreneurial drive and uprightness in running the business have greatly contributed to make it successful over the years.

A leader industrial group.

GEOPLAST is a company founded in 1998 born from an intuition of its founder, who believed that MODULO, the formwork for ventilated foundations, was one of the most important innovations in the building industry.
The company today makes products for five different general fields of application: general building, construction equipment, green & garden, water management and environment. In each of these important areas Geoplast’s mission is to create new products to support the environment and human well-being.
The manufacturing facilties are situated in two plants covering a total surface of 30.000 sq mt, 8.000 of which are under cover.
There are 23 manufacturing lines: 2 regeneration lines and 21 high-tonnage injection-moulding presses with capacity from 700 tons to 3500 tons clamp force, and injection capacity of up to 61.000 gr. With a production throughput capacity of over 25.000 tons of transformed plastic material and over 20 million parts produced per year, Geoplast is among the most important companies in the industry.

Design and Technology.

The GEOPLAST design team dedicates every day to plan and design new products in tune with precise market requests and the most varied requirements.
The Research Center capitalises on the founders’ wealth of original ideas and insights, developing them in the context of a wide and diversified market.
Great attention is payed to the quality of materials, always flexibly listening to the customers’ requirements.

Mission and Values.

Since the very beginning human resources have been the key element of GEOPLAST’s growth.
Without the people, the teamwork and each employee’s contribution towards common goals, GEOPLAST’s success wouldn’t be as meaningful: enthusiasm and a strong drive to succeed have instead led the company to achieve remarkable results.

Technical Organization/Sales and Service.

GEOPLAST’s market approach bases its strenght on an accurate customer assistance service, along with an efficient manufacturing chain and a flexible distribution network.
Every area of the company is focused on listening to the customers, avoiding problems from arising, accurately planning each stage of the workflow and finding the right solution for every project: a commitment to quality and reliability.

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