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Published on Luglio 24th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via della Boaria, 40 - 48018 Faenza (RA) - ITALY

Phone +39 0546.621002 - Fax +39 0546.621144

Production: Manufacturer of electrical tools and electrician equipment

Manufacturer of electrical tools and electrician equipment

HT was born in 1983.
During its first years the company has been mainly focusing on selecting and marketing test equipment, clamp-on meters and DMMs.
In 1992 the turning point consisted in letting down distribution as HT aimed at taking the most important challenge: designing and building its own instruments as a result of experiences and ideas gained over the years.
The first model MASTER HT2031 was created.
At that time no competitor could offer a product performing safety testing on installations and simultaneously printing a professional report thanks to the built-in printer.
The success of this new equipment was the necessary fuel to run a team of engineers responsible for research and development of HT instruments.
In the mid of the 90s HT R&D was founded inside the company with the aim of creating a unique and technologically advanced design for HT products.
This choice represented a landmark for the company engaged into considerable capital investments to implement its own skilled staff while strengthening its sales network all over the world.
HT Instruments SL was founded in 1994, a subsidiary located in Spain with the aim of bringing its technology to the so-called emerging markets.
In 1996 the new instrument FULLTEST HT2036 was developed, the only instrument on the market capable of testing safety conditions on equipment and electrical panels
In 1999 HT launched GENIUS 5080, the first instrument on the market combining testing of electrical safety with power analysis. A real step forward in the world of instruments.
This type of product has been featuring HT among all its competitors.
In 2000 HT launched the series 2000, consisting of 6 models (COMBITEST2019, SPEEDTEST 2018, GEOTEST 2016, LOOPTEST 2014, RCDTEST 2012, ISOTEST 2010) all designed to meet the requirements of every electrical installer and designer.
In 2001 HT launched the series GSC, the first instruments on the market combining safety testing on electrical installations with single- and three-phase analysis of power quality.
GSC represented a revolution in technology and communication. A unique instrument capable of recording all the electrical parameters: voltage, current, power, harmonics, voltage anomalies, etc. simultaneously, but mainly designed to be used in a simple and intuitive.
Just a few months after its launch with advertisement ” OPEN YOUR EYES ” HT could count on thousands of sales worldwide. GSC is still today a real icon in the equipment field.
In 2004 VEGA76 was developed, an instrument devoted to the analysis on three-phase systems
The company was constantly evolving and while producing electronic equipment needed to keep pace with numberless innovations on the market.
In 2007 HT developed several ranges of instruments such as the family 400, a series of 5 models (Combi 420, Combi 419, SPEED 418, GEO 416 and ISO 410) introducing a number of advantages such as backlighted graphical display, online help, remote key to start testing, and so on. Once again HT showed its intention to invest in technology to be qualified and to keep pace so representing a pioneer in its market.
Under the same spirit PQA series was developed, the first analyzer of power quality on the market with backlighted color touch LCD. The variety of languages, online help, intuitive menu with icons, four current inputs and five voltage inputs, capability of recording all parameters at once make PQA extremely advanced and unmatched on the market.
In 2007 HT INSTRUMENTS GmbH was founded, a second branch located in Germany
In 2008 HT designed and manufactured ZG47 a multi-function tester complying with IEC 64-8 standards to carry out power analysis through Bluetooth protocol.
HT introduced new 9000 series clamps offering the market a whole range of 6 models up to HT9022 professional DC, AC + DC TRMS 1000A clamp meters with measurement of powers / harmonics, engine starting current as well as data logger function and Bluetooth
In 2009 HT developed the solar range, solar multifunction testers SOLAR300N, I-V400, SOLAR IV, SOLAR200, MPP300.
These instruments are not only designed for simple inspection of installations, they offer more.
HT instruments enable you to effect correct power analysis in compliance with standards as well as take measurements of the IV characteristic of modules or strings. Unique testers for inspection and maintenance of photovoltaic systems.
In 2010 HT made its trade policy uniform worldwide realizing a single website and corporate brand.
HT ITALIA will further strengthen its leading role in the field of safety testers. Based on a close collaboration with our customers and keeping in mind their requirements and problems we will be able to develop more and more innovative and high technology solutions.
HT ITALIA would like to thank all its customers, whose contribution makes possible to continue developing and introducing new high-quality test equipments, for their present and future patronage.


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