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Published on luglio 11th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Production: gas boilers for domestic use

High level of production

Leader in Italy in the design and manufacture of gas boilers for domestic use, both in the sectors of traditional and condensing boilers, Immergas is an affirmed organization that is also appreciated on international markets, in constant growth and continuous expansion towards new foreign scenarios.
The headquarters of Immergas measures over 50,000 sq.m. and hosts more than 700 staff.

Ispired by innovation

Innovation is part of the Immergas philosophy, a strategic lever that guides the birth of each new product.
The range of Immergas products is in constant evolution to satisfy the requests of different markets, with various models that are wall-hung, floor-standing, traditional, instantaneous, heating only and for outdoors.
A wide range of products with a common denominator: innovation for continuous improvement in terms of reliability, durability and technology.
Aware of the topics of environmental protection and renewable sources of energy, Immergas has included among its latest products complete systems that make use of solar energy.

Research 6 development

The Immergas Research and Development Centre, which includes technologically advance equipment and highly specialized personnel, is involved in the creation, design and realization of all products, in line with the standards of the countries abroad.
To ensure the highest quality standards of Immergas products, the R&D Centre can boast an innovative structure capable of simultaneously simulating the real conditions in a building where a boiler is operating.
The structure, by integrating various heating systems (gas boilers, solar panels, storage tanks), makes it possible to re-create the internal and external atmospheric conditions of the dwelling during the different seasons of the year, and to monitor and constantly verify the operation of the products.
This structure is also essential for the fine tuning of control systems such as thermal adjustment devices, which optimize operation of the boilers in an effort to achieve overall energy savings.

High level of production

The Immergas headquarters, located in Brescello, is also the main production facility where many boilers models are produced. The Immergas production department has 15 production lines.
Immergas production capacity is about 1,500 boilers per day, or 300,000 boilers per year, with the possibility to exceed 500,000 pieces produced to meet special market demands.
The entire Immergas production phase features the “work and check” system, which calls for a series of targeted checks during the various production phases. Finally, each boiler produced is subjected to functional and electrical testing.

Italian-made design

Immergas products mean much more than just quality, functionality and reliability. They also mean aesthetics and design. In fact, Immergas places great attention on the appearance of all its products.
The design of Immergas products represents the classic values of Italian-made products, including extreme harmony, elegance of lines and fineness. For this reason, Immergas boilers are designed with soft, elegant lines and a minimal look, to be harmoniously placed in any setting.
The control panel, technological synthesis of every boiler, is the result of detailed studies by the Immergas Design Department and is designed to combine ease of use and high technology with highly appealing design, friendly and intentionally resembling the shape of a smile. The functional, elegant and modern design is the “dress” of every product in the Immergas range.


For Immergas, quality is a value by which to be inspired and a concrete objective to be reached, to ensure the highest standards of every single product. Immergas is certified ISO 9001:2000. This recognition was issued by the prestigious German organization TÜV and bears witness to the rigorous compliance with international standards on quality systems. It is a guarantee of the extreme reliability of company processes.
The certification ensures the total quality offered by Immergas, since it concerns all aspects of the company, from design to product development, from incoming materials acceptance to manufacturing processes, all the way to after-sales service.
Considering quality as a value for its products, Immergas carries out daily checks of samples of finished products, repeating the checks that were previously performed during the assembly phase. In a specific laboratory, Immergas specialized personnel test on average 10 boilers a day. They check every single aspect, to include packaging, technical documentation and operation.
These subsequent checks on finished products are a further guarantee of Immergas quality.


Immergas is not just a company of products, but it is actually an organization that believes in customer service as a strategy to gaining the trust of their target, ensuring a high level of satisfaction and winning over new markets.
For this reason, Immergas has always placed a great deal of attention on all issues related to pre-sales and after-sales, creating special services with a high added value.
Immergas maintains an exclusive relationship with its installation technicians, who are constantly updated on the latest product developments by means of pre-sales training courses held at its locations.
The massive worldwide presence of a technical service network is another crown jewel of Immergas Service, to ensure qualified support for any after-sales service need.

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