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Published on giugno 13th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Vie delle Industrie, 18 - 31030 Vacil di Breda (TV) - ITALY

Phone +39 0422 6066 - Fax +39 0422 607168

Production: Doors, Windows, Shutters, Entry doors

A history of emotions in continuous evolution

It”s not easy to describe Impronta with a single definition.
A world of emotions, sensations and traditions.
Specialized in production of doors and windows Impronta was born in Treviso from a fusion of some companies which was present in the italian market for more 50 years.
The art of Impronta is to create windows and doors starting from the wood as unique material with a manufacture that take place arranging hand-crafted with industrial technology, in order to allow the solity and the sensation of a hand-made product with the certainty of quality to which we are used to.
Each model is in any case unique.
It differs for measures, material, finish and accessories.
Solid traditions, innovative spirit and avant-garde design represent all along the basis of the company philosophy, that confers to our collection a different imprint.


  • 1998: opening of the first show-room in Treviso entirely dedicated to the world of doors and windows. They are exposed in a elegant and modern space, which reflects the quality and the design of products.
  • 2003: an important investment is made for enlarge the door production a new factory
  • 2005: opening of the second show-room in the hinterland of Treviso.
  • 2006: the company decided to invest in the windows production factory building a new shed adjacent to the existing one. Moreover it is realized an importan and elegant hall for meetings and for training courses.
  • 2009: the production is centralized in a single site. The company decides to invest further in the main site with a new shed. The door production factory is completely moved in the new shed. Today the company have the use of a total area of about 8.000 m².


Through two specialized lines of production Impronta has developed “doors program” and “windows program”.
Their object is the satisfaction, at the best, of the needs of each individual client and of the high quality required by the market.
Every day specialized people dedicate themselves to the realization of doors and windows whith the same care typical of who build his own home.
The distinctive feature of Impronta products is the result of many years’ experience in wood manufactoring and of a productive philosophy that privileges the quality and the aesthetical sense
The fundamental aspect of Impronta production is the continue attention to the environment: we use water paints compatible with the environment and all our composition of glasses have characteristics of low-emission for guaranteeing the respect of the “Kyoto protocol” about the reduction of emission of CO2 and the energetic performances established by European laws.

Category: Doors, Windows
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