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Published on giugno 5th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Lazio, 6 - 36015 SCHIO (VI) - ITALY

Phone +39 0445 314018 - Fax +39 0445 319587

Production: glass and metal window framework

For those who believe that doors and windows never change...

Our extremely innovative manufacturing concept is based on a ready-to-install window framework, complete with glass and metalwork, which is already fully functional on the production site.
Once you have decided which home style you prefer, the next stage is to apply the selected Cover.
Specification restrictions can be overcome and possible finishing defects prevented during the manufacturing process.
Doors and windows as creative as you are, whenever you want.


Cover System revolutionizes the traditional concept of doors and windows turning them into an extraordinary furnishing manufactured product.
Its unique method of construction joins thermal efficiency, sustainability and design.
The interior Cover combines with the construction systems: this frame, authentic in every respect, can be made in a
wide range of materials and is suitable for every kind of furnishing layout and home.
Fabric, marble, stone, eco-leather, methacrylate, wallpaper, all types of solid wood and the exclusive plaster effect: thanks to this wide selection, it’s so easy to choose the right style for your window.
Doors and windows that get dressed any time you need
An easier way to renovate your home, starting from just a simple frame
Cover System can be transformed at any time whilst maintaining the concepts of Sustainable Building: its materials are recyclable (exterior aluminium window frame) and biodegradable (interior Cover).
Thanks to this innovative idea, in the future of the same building, there is no need to remake doors and windows completely, all that’s needed is to remove the interior Cover, adapt it to your tastes and refit it.
True innovation can be useful, smart and attractive: saving money and environment.

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