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Published on Aprile 18th, 2014 | by Chiara Debernardi



Made in Italy


via dell'Industria, 12 Loc. Francolino - 20080 Carpiano (MI)

Phone +39 029885701

Production: Soundproofing and thermal insulation sector

Benessere acustico e termico

A story, a success
Since 1976, Isolmant has been working successfully on the building market, at first specifically in the soundproofing sector and later also in thermal insulation.
A strong, important presence, always focused on innovative construction systems and products which has made a significant contribution to introducing and maintaining concepts which are of particular relevance today and appreciated by all operators in the building and construction industry.
The story of Isolmant is a story of the passion and professionalism of people who, in over thirty years of business, have been able to build up company prestige through their intelligence and hard work.
Isolmant’s talent for“acoustic and thermal wellbeing” was evident even before buildings were required to respect specific regulations and quality standards.
The company’s commitment has allowed it to create and market versatile, state-of-the-art products from a technological point of view, certified and truthful as regards the levels of performance declared.
Isolmant’s objective has never only been to design products which meet the construction and performance-related requirements of the market but also to train and inform workers, directly assist personnel on the construction site and solve personalised problems through its technical support service to help designers and installers to grow culturally” and comply with regulations in force, by organising training courses, seminars and meetings. Along with the personalisation of its products, Isolmant also values the speed of introducing new products designed to meet market requirements, skill and product quality guaranteed by “research and development” aimed at “generating culture” in the soundproofing and thermal insulation sector.

This new Isolmant Catalogue tells another passionate tale, which is the birth of many new products and solutions which, once again, set fashions and are a concentrate of experience and “life lived” in close contact with actual problems on the construction site. The challenges represented by energy saving regulations and Isolmant’s commitment to supporting living comfort in the widest sense, also confirmed by its involvement in the “CasaKyoto” project under the leadership of ANIT of which Isolmant is a founding member, set the company new, exciting objectives every day. History tells us that they will be achieved.


Tags: soundproofing, Thermal insulation

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