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Published on Giugno 27th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via del Rame, 73 - 06077 Ponte Felcino (PG) - ITALY

Phone +39 075 5918071 - Fax +39 075 5913378

Production: Hi-tech materials

Hi-tech materials for building recovery and restoration

Settled in Perugia, Italy, since 1979 KIMIA S.p.A. has been leader in producing and trading hi-tech materials for building recovery and restoration.
KIMIA line-up, covers every kind of purpose, both in monumental or residential field, as well as in industrial or infrastructural one. Actually KIMIA produces and trades:

  • high durability structural mortars
  • natural hydraulic limes
  • specific solutions for stone cleaning protection & consolidation
  • meshes, plates, rods in steel/carbon/glass/aramidic fibers
  • epoxy, acrylic and poliuretanic resins

Our R&D department is working everyday to constantly refine product performances, to assure innovation and continuous improvement.
Thanks to outstanding product performances and to strong customer orientation, our experience has been growing up day by day, since we became a firm of indiscuss reputation on recovery and restoration field.
Our references (many complex interventions on buildings with huge historical & artistic relevance), they are proving it.
In Italy and all over the World.
These great value experiences, are completely offered to our customers, planners, constructors or property developers, aiming to obtain ever, best results and high level of satisfaction.
Tech support we manage to offer, really is a step ahead: an expert team, with huge technical skills and widely experienced in building recovery and restoration.
They are at your disposal to diagnose and find out the better-fitting solution to every situation.
The company actually, invests lot of resources in technical and on-the-field training, with specifical refresher courses on products and new technologies. This to let our team face best any trouble may occur.

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