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Published on Luglio 17th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy

M.V.B. S.R.L.

Via E. Mattei, 6 - 22070 Bregnano (CO) - ITALY

Phone +39 (0)31 774339 - Fax +39 (0)31 773554

Production: Outdoor paving, Kerbs, Earth containment walls, Concrete Masonry Blocks, Ventilated façade, Accessories

Laying natural stones, porphyry blocks and gneiss slabs

The company

M.V.B. was founded twenty-five years ago in Bregnano, in the province of Como, from the intuition of its founders, the Brenna brothers. With strong family experience in laying natural stones, porphyry blocks and gneiss slabs, they were in advance of the Italian market in their production of the first self-locking blocks in compressed vibro-concrete to which they added concrete blocks.
From one machine and just a few moulds, they have made a lot of progress, increasing the product range and with one obsession: that of quality.
Production today is concentrated on a wide range of self-locking blocks, with different finishes, from the tumble finish with the traditional appeal of stone to the more high tech finishes for technical solutions in which improved performances are required.
Le Linee prodotto sono tre: Paving, that includes the family of blocks, slabs and kerbs, Verticalia, that includes exposed and technical blocks, Containment, with dry brick walls of various types.
The feather in the company’s cap, in a market in which the “customised” product is increasingly appreciated, is the wish and the possibility of experimenting for the customer with non-standard products, therefore with solutions which are always personalised and studied according to the needs of the individual, on the formulation of a product that is almost “made to measure”. A successful strategy, this, in winning the customer’s loyalty, and which makes Nemesio Brenna, the co-owner of the company with his brother, state that “The customers we won twenty-five years ago are still our customers today!”.
The company’s great investment is in the research and development sector, with the aim of proposing products which are always in step with the times.
Thanks to this strategy, M.V.B. puts onto the market fine, resistant, long-lasting products under the banner of innovation, such as the BlocVer load-bearing block, made from expanded recycled glass and cement.
Thanks to the percentage of recycled material, this product is eligible for obtaining LEED credits and therefore can be used on those sites in which the eco-sustainability certificate is required for the building. Attention to eco-sustainability has resulted in M.V.B. also concentrating on the photo catalytic blocks of the GreenActive Line, intelligent smog-eating blocks.

From project design to installation: service to the customer

The M.V.B. market mainly consists in the retailing of building materials, partly by builders and also there is a large-scale promotion towards the project designer and end customer.
In addition to “customising” the product, there is also a wide variety of services: of fundamental importance is the technical support offered by the company and the site assistance, carried out by the M.V.B. Technical Office, with advice about correct installation but also with a design service. The “turnkey” service is another very popular and appreciated plus offered by the company, which uses professional installation teams.
The product is therefore followed as far as the site with constant technical assistance.
The laying service is also available for walls.
For walls of a technical, high performance type, like fire walls, an installation certification service is available.
An important support to sales is given by an Internet site which is always up-to-date, a veritable work tool, at the service of the customer and the professional in search of innovative project solutions.
By signing on, the designer also has the possibility of downloading technical product designs in .dwg format.
In addition to the Internet site, a series of detailed brochures and the General Catalogue explain technical specifications to help in selecting the product most suited to every intended use.
All the products comply with applicable regulations and are CE marked according to harmonised reference standards (UNI EN 1338 for self-locking blocks, UNI EN 1339 for paving for “grassy areas”, UNI EN 771-3 for wall blocks, UNI EN 1340 for kerbs).
The company also has an in-house quality system and is ISO 9001 certified.

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