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Published on giugno 23rd, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Balbi, 20 - 36022 Cassola (VI) - ITALY

Phone (+39) 0424 533082 - Fax (+39) 0424 533294

Production: Pavings, wall coverings, fencing walls

Technological solutions for high quality technical-structural characteristics

MASPE has been operating for more than 30 years in the specific field of pavings for exteriors and is a protagonist of all the developments in this sector, preparing vanguard technological solutions for creating floorings with high quality technical-structural characteristics.
Thanks to the constant innovation of the production techniques and the particular attention given to the practicality and aesthetics, together with the capacity to interpret in the best way the requirements of its customers, have decreed the success of MASPE to be a leader in its proper sector.
In fact the MASPE products are known and appreciated in the whole national territory, in Europe and not only; Indeed our clientele is extended even in the South American markets.
In 1998 the particular sensibility of the management led the company to obtain the ceritification in accordance with the quality standards UNI EN ISO 9001/2008, which guarantee all the necessary parameters for the realization of high quality products.
All the produced tiles underwent the most qualified laboratory testing to verify the physical-mechanciale characteristics and their suitability for use as out-door floorings, in the worst atmospheric conditions and under maximum stress. Further guaranty for the quality and resistance of MASPE products is given by the stamping CE, according to the standard EN 1339, which is applied to all the MASPE products.

The pavings for exteriors, gardens of your house or pavings in marble granite of a public structure give value to the place they surround, like a frame with a beautiful picture.
They welcome your guests, they maintain the order, they revive the design of the buildings.
The aesthetics plays its protagonist part, but it is equally important to choose pavings for exteriors which resist in the time.
The products signed Maspe will resist to the wear and tear of the many pedestrian who will stamp on them each day, they will not fear the attacks of rain and sun and they will be an optimal base for summer parties with your friends.
This thanks to the treatments used for pavings for arcades. Simple, finished, traditional and innovative…with Maspe elegance becomes practicality.


The particular sensibility of the management led the company to the certification of its production system in conformity with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001/2008, which guarantee in all the process phases the respect of all the parameters for a technical and aesthetic high quality product.
The application of the procedures and the instructions guarantee the control of the whole production process, allowing the stressing of eventual anomalies.
By attending at the right moment you can assure in this way the product conformity and improve the efficiency of the quality administration system.
All the tiles are stamped CE in accordance with the standard EN 1339.


Bending test Freeze test All the Maspe tiles have been subjected to the most qualified laboratory testing to verify their physical-mechanical characteristics and their aptitude to be used as pavings for exteriors, in the worst atmospheric conditions and under maximum stress.
The results supplied by the most qualified laboratories, confirm the results tested on the products in normal conditions and after frost.


Maspe for improving constantly the quality of its products, reserves the right to change in any moment without any notice the aesthetic and structural characteristics.


Blooming: this is not a defect, because it does not alter the technical characteristics of the product.
The company advises the installation of the paving with adhesive in order to put between the cement foundation and the tile a barrier against the ascent of the salts, which could be reason for the natural phenomenon of blooming.
It is obligatory to make at the end of the laying works a deep cleaning of the laid paving with a suitable detergent.
It is forbidden to spread salt on outside pavings or on terraces to dissolve snow or ice, since salt is corrosive and damages the structure of the tiles.
In case that the material is laid the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for possible complaints. • In case different types of tiles are laid, we advise the use of a thickness adhesive, to level eventual height differences of the various types of tiles.

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