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Published on giugno 30th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Enrico Fermi, 45 - 33010 AVAGNACCO (UD) - ITALY

Phone +39 0432 435311 - Fax +39 0432 570474

Production: scaffolding, coverings, formwork, slabs, shorin structures, trechlining

Building a new world

Pilosio Group

Pilosio is the gold standard for construction sites, as well as temporary structures for maintenance and restoration works.
Through the acquisition of the Lama brand, a name synonymous with expertise in the manufacturing of light aluminium scaffolding, mobile towers and structures for maintenance and restoration, and the contribution provided by the subsidiary Electroelsa, a leading manufacturer of self-lifting platforms, lifters and hoists for construction sites, we are able to offer an all-round service based on the expertise of the company’s 200 employees who are dedicated to the fulfilment of the company’s mission, day in, day out.
Pilosio offers all this and more, an all-Italian company focused on quality and innovation, providing a full range of services to clients in the field of construction equipment and building yard maintenance since 1961.

Strength. Quality. Discipline. These are Pilosio’s fundamental values, underpinning a dynamic company in continuous growth that has built a reputation for skill, flexibility and customer service in its first 50 years of operation


Pilosio brings together the latest technologies, a carpentry lab for precision machining, five warehouses for finished and semi-finished products, several specialized departments and a logistics centre in premises that cover 56,000 square metres.

  • Total area 56,000 square metres
  • 26,000 square metres of covered area
  • 3 sheds: trenching, scaffolding, carpentry and painting
  • 5 warehouses for finished products
  • Lama brand aluminium centre
  • Logistics service office
  • Business unit: 200 employees


Fortified by many decades of experience and a strong drive to seek out international markets, Pilosio manufactures building scaffolding, wall formworks and slabforms, retaining systems, as well as engaging in the sale and rental of equipment for civil and industrial works, restoration, maintenance and the infrastructure and naval sectors.
Moreover, the company specialises in the design, construction and sale of structures for shows and sporting events such as stages, stands, roofing and towers for audio and video equipment.


Solid foundations for continued growth.

Three complementary business units work together, sharing market outlets and distribution networks, progressively improving their performance towards a specific goal: to become the leading Italian group in the lifting equipment sector. This is the specific objective of the PM Group, a manufacturer of hydraulic cranes for trucks to which Pilosio belongs, along with Oil&Steel, a manufacturer of platforms for works at heights.
PM Group is led by BS Private Equity, which has been a shareholder in Pilosio since 2003. PM Group employs 600 people, with six manufacturing plants and seven direct sales branches in the UK, Spain, France, Germany, United States, Chile and Argentina.
The group’s strong partnerships and synergic marketing policies have always been a mark of the management’s strategic vision and have proved to be a winning formula for the challenges of the global market.


  • SCAFFOLDING:Pilosio scaffolding (frame scaffolding, for support structures, prefabricated scaffolding)
  • ALUMINUM SCAFFOLDING:Aluminium scaffolding and LAMA branded mobile owrking towers on wheel of aluminium)
  • COVERINGS: Lightweight and functional structures suitable bothfor the protection of the sites from atmospheric ..
  • FORMWORK:Pilosio formwork stackable modular systems (circular type, beam, ground, and metal formwork
  • SLABS:The Pilosio slab formwork system (early removal formwork, slab formwork system)
  • SHORING STRUCTURES:Pilosio offers a full range of steel and aluminum shoring structures
  • TRENCHLINING:Trenchlining system (retainers using earth retaining formworks, formwork systems)
Category: Construction site
Tags: coverings, formwork, PILOSIO, scaffolding, shorin structures, slabs, trechlining

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