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Published on luglio 17th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy



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Production: solar modules and solutions

Responsibility,Innovation,Credibility and Honesty


Founded in 2005, RICH SOLAR is a reliable photovoltaic manufacturer, providing solar modules and solutions with the most exquisite technology.
By the year 2012, RICH SOLAR has reached a total capacity of 400MW.
RICH SOLAR holds a harmonious cooperative relationship with the solar power companies, installation companies worldwide.
These products could be used in residential, commercial, industrial and public utility applications.
RICH SOLAR aims to bring the most profitable value for our customers by providing world-class products and service, which, in return, gives us favorable reputation.
The rich experience of manufacturing has endowed RICH SOLAR with the best quality. Our quality management system has been accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, and our products have been approved by certificates like CE, TUV, IEC61215, IEC61730 and UL, proving the highest level of excellence in the industry. In 2012, RICH SOLAR has become full member of PV CYCLE.
RICH SOLAR has opened satellite companies in Italy, Germany, Spain and Hong Kong and successfully developed a worldwide network of distributors.
With Responsibility, Innovation, Credibility and Honesty, RICH SOLAR welcomes more passionate partners to join us and create a greener future.


RICH SOLAR has established a set of core values that help define how the company does business and pursues its mission.
These values exist in the daily work of the personnels, serve as the foundation for interactions with customers, suppliers and business partners. RICH SOLAR embraces these core values as essential in achieving the long-term goal of sustainable development in the solar PV industry.

  • Responsibility: Rich Solar owns a professional and responsible team.This team is responsible to provide service based on the standpoint of customer, convey our values to customers in an unconsciously way, and call on to build a greener future.
  • Innovation: Rich Solar actively invests on research and development to keep pace with the latest technology. The R & D team could make innovations on products, solar system and solutions according to different requirements from customers.
  • Credibility: Rich Solar insists that the quality of product is the soul of the company, which provides fundamental guaranty to win credibility. Quality control is strictly practiced during production. Our quality management system has been accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, and our products have been approved by certificates like CE, TUV, IEC61215, IEC61730 and UL. Rich Solar produces solar modules with high transfer efficiency and promises to provide reliable product warranty. To recycle end-of-life photovoltaic modules at European level, Rich Solar has become full member of PV CYCLE.
  • Honesty: Rich Solar considers honesty as the basic principle of doing business. We believe that only governed by honesty, can we build a bridge of smooth communication with customers, suppliers and business partners, and be widely accepted in the PV industry.


To provide the cleanest and most efficient solar electricity and to create a greener future
RICH SOLAR is like a tenth planet in the solar system, absorbing the solar energy consistently from the sun while circling around it. It is warm and energetic, strong and lively.
It makes our daily life happy and comfortable.
With the help of the ever-lasting abundant energy from the sun, our mission and business can be carried out successfully and enjoy prolonged prosperity.
Future generations will all benefit from a cleaner environment, better health, and be less dependence of pollution-carrying fuels. A renewable and greener future is guaranteed.





Advanced facilities and leading technology have allowed RICH SOLAR to achieve some of the highest efficiency levels among solar modules. RICH SOLAR R&D team is improving the material and appearance design of solar cells and solar glass to ensure that our modules perform well even under low light or bad weather conditions.

Quality Control
RICH SOLAR practices stringent quality control throughout the production and employs experienced staff to fully test the silicon material, wafers, solar cells and modules. The workshop is super-clean and practices complete sanitation measures. Special inspection is applied to the key steps like Texture, Diffusion, Screen Printing and PECVD.
RICH SOLAR modules have a reliable service life.
25 years warranty on power output and 10 years warranty on manufacturing promises customers responsibility.

Capacity and Service
RICH SOLAR owns the most advanced production facilities and technology in the world. We have reached manufacturing capacity of 50MW in 2009 and quickly expanded to 75MW in 2010. By the year 2011, RICH SOLAR has reached a total capacity of 400MW, thanks to foresighted investment on production lines and the efforts made by the staff.
RICH SOLAR will give you comprehensive support and the certainty of taking your questions and needs very seriously. Our customer service center timely responds with satisfactory answers on both pre-sales and after-sales.
On aspect of production, we design and produce solar modules and solutions tailored to customers’ requirements.

Marketing and Distribution
RICH SOLAR has well established sales network worldwide. We have satellite companies in Italy, Germany, Spain and Hong Kong and important distributors in Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, United States, Bangladesh and Australia. More companies and distributors are opening and establishing continually.
This allows us to constantly increase the production volume and collect the needs of customers.
Moreover, the wide-spread distribution network means that we can deliver the agreed number of solar cells and modules at any time.

Social Engagement
RICH SOLAR is aware of both social and economic responsibility to our guests, employees and the environment. Being a responsible company, RICH SOLAR has strived to practice the social engagement by enhancing quality of life of the participants. Sports meetings and tourist trips are regularly held to enrich employees’ daily life and encourage their enthusiasm for work.
Many dreams and desires have come true: There has been a visit to rural schools in suburban areas. We donated books, computers and funds to improve children’s environment of studying. RICH SOLAR hopes that these children could contribute great responsibility to the society when they grow up.
With RICH SOLAR values, we’re continuing to participate in social activities in a wider community.

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