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Published on Luglio 7th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via dell'Adige, 2/1 - 39040 Cortaccia (BZ) - ITALY

Phone +39 0471 818400 - Fax +39 0471 818484

Production: Fixing systems, Waterproofing, Fall protection systems, Machines and Accessories

Timber building sector

Our identity

Rotho Blaas is an Italian multinational company based in the Alpine region; a leading developer and provider of high technology solutions to the timber building sector.

The reason-why of our success

  • Innovative products:

Rotho Blaas offers wood professionals a wide range of the latest generation, easy-to-use products, divided into three main product lines: Fastening systems amongst which structural screws, and for outdoors, concealed joints, angle pieces and shoes, wedges and all other fastenings which carpenters may require.
 Waterproofing, including specific accessories for sealing and ventilation and finally, Fall Arrest Systems such as life lines and individual anchoring points in compliance with Standard EN 795 in addition to personal protection equipment.

  • Specialist sales network:

A personalised service to satisfy all customer requirements. Rothoblaas is only too familiar with the work of professionals and their relative requirements. The salesforce includes technical consultants, product line specialists, whom are able to offer advice when purchasing materials and whom are able to propose the latest creations.

  • Technical consultancy:

Rotho Blaas offers designers and customers a technical consultancy service which aims to train, assist and advise the user providing statistical information, reference standards and certifications, and which also plays a part during the design stage.

What encourages us to go on

Construction techniques are changing.
In recent years the concept of “helthy living” has frequently been utilized by construction professionals.
We believe that quality is fundamental, therefore we have invested part of our resources on research and the development of innovative products used for the construction of high quality wooden buildings.

Our mission

to develop and deal innovation with the aim of augmenting life quality and environmental sustainability.

Our Vision

To develop and propose solutions aimed at improving the timber building sector.

Our values

rothoblaas was founded in August 1991 and since then has been keeping the family concept as part of the business philosophy. Work in teams, respect, responsibility, entrepreneurship, creativity and optimism are values that all the members of our staff share.
They are the driving force of our company and responsible for our success.

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