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Published on luglio 17th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Stradivari, 10 - 20131 Milano (MI) - ITALY

Phone +39 06 89 760 751 - Fax +39 06 89 760 752

Production: Modules, energyBox and Inverters

Siliken is a global compan

Siliken began its activities in June 2001, led by Carlos Navarro, Gonzalo Navarro, Alfredo Puche and Francisco Clavel. The company was created as a result of concerns for current energy and environmental problems and received the IMPIVA award for the best business initiative during its first year.
Our work has made us a dynamic and flexible company with continuous growth targets and committed to the complete integration of clean renewable energy in our society.
This has also meant that we have become one of the reference companies in the PV industry.
As part of our desire for integration and constant growth, we created Siliken Electronics in 2005 to manufacture DC-AC grid connection converters for photovoltaic plants.
In 2006, the company went on to create Siliken Chemicals specializing in the production of electronic grade silicon with the aim of self-supplying the group with the raw materials necessary to manufacture the modules.
By founding Siliken Energy, we have complemented our activities, which now include turn-key installations as well as working with investment funds.
We are currently immersed in a international expansion process and are preparing the vertical integration of the entire photovoltaic solar energy production process for manufacturing electronic grade silicon, wafers and photovoltaic cells. In addition, we are making important efforts to diversify our activities and further commit to other sources of renewable energy, as well solar power.

  • Siliken is member of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, EPIA.
  • Siliken is a member of the Photovoltaic Entrepreneurial Association, AEF.
  • Siliken is a member of PV Cycle, an association whose goal is to implement the photovoltaic industry‚Äôs commitments to set up a voluntary take back and recycling program for end-of-life-modules and to take responsibility for PV modules throughout their entire value chain.


We rely on a team of professionals who offer their talent and effort to get the best results.

Why Siliken?

Siliken is a global company, integrated into the solar industry value chain with a commitment and determination to expand its activities to other renewable energy sectors, developing and implementing innovation programs to ensure high quality energy solutions, maximum performance and profitability for our customers.
As well as manufacturing standard photovoltaic modules or specific modules for architectural integration, we also supply all the materials necessary for both stand-alone and grid-connected installations (inverters, batteries, regulators) and provide polished technical advice on the design or execution of all types of installations, including solar parks.
This personalized advice is one of the services that receives the most recognition from our customers.
We make great efforts to provide them with the best service by offering individual guidance for each customer, supplying installation designs, handling administrative processes, providing information on laws, aid, grants, tax deductions, etc.
Furthermore, we collaborate with installation companies on roof installations and photovoltaic plants (commonly known as solar farms).
Our main trademarks are quality, guarantees, sustainability and respect for the environment, after-sales service, our range of suppliers and customers and joint project development.
Moreover we resolve any kind of issue during the installation and that is why our company and products generate confidence.

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