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Published on Luglio 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


via Pustot, - 33056 Palazzolo dello Stella(Modeano) (UD) - ITALY

Phone (+39) 0431 589 666 - Fax (+39) 0431 586 359

Production: load-bearing prefabricated panel in wood

The Stratex reliable and competitive technology to build a sustainable future

Stratex is the manifestation of an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for wood handed down as a family inheritance, from generation to generation.
Starting in the Sixties, when Osvaldo Plazzotta created with his siblings the first nucleus of the later major international company, joined by his son Nicola with wife Angela Maffione and then the grandsons Francesco and Niccolò.
A story which continues, day after day, involving the entire corporate team in this profound, positive and tireless family passion.


Two fully integrated and automated production plants in Italy equipped with photovoltaic systems to meet the company requirement, allow finished structures of any shape and size to be obtained, with absolute precision and reflecting the highest quality standards.
At the historic Sutrio (Udine) plant, in 13,500 square metres indoors and 35,000 square metres outdoors, production processes are carried out which are able to respond superlatively to the architectural complexities of the most futuristic contemporary buildings.
Quality constructions are only possible if prime choice materials are used, which is why Stratex uses exclusively red pine wood from northern central Europe which is distinctive in its regular structure and high mechanical performances, far higher than those of other materials used to produce finished beams of any shape and size.


The true state-of-the-art technology mission of Stratex has made it the owner of prestigious international patents, thus contributing to advances in the entire sector of laminated wood constructions.
Stratex has carried out countless projects in Italy and other countries, high-profile roofing works for civil and industrial buildings, a winning mix of foresight, technology and design, able to adapt to any building goals.
The laminated structures can easily reach 40 metres of free span, with light weight, high resistance to bending and traction forces, and guarantee dimensional stability at temperature changes and, therefore, optimal fire behaviour.
The sustainability of the finished structures is ensured by the ecological properties of the same materials, free from emissions, and by production processes aimed at reducing the environmental impact.

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