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Published on luglio 24th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Nazionale, 157 - 38010 Tassullo (TN) - ITALY

Phone +39 0463 662100 - Fax +39 0463 662143

Production: New buildings, hystorical buildings, natural buildings, concrete buildings, energy saving, wood houses, advantage system, equipment&service

Materials and techniques for building well..and to live better

Since 1909 we produce natural hydraulic lime and innovative materials for all fields of modern building.
We not only beilieve to the need of conceiving high quality materials of unquestionable performance, but, above all, we believe to the necessity of respect nature and environment.
For this reason, we have always considered unavoidable the role of research, to which we constantly assign high investments and all our true passion.
Our Research Centre enables us to project and realize specific solutions for the recovering of facades, the historic-conservative restauration, the floor construction, the building, the thermal insulation, the sustainable housing.
To these solutions we add special lines with fireproofing characteristics or for the recovery of cement structures.
Base of the products for sustainable construction, for restauration and renovation are our natural hydraulic and certified limes NHL3,5 and NHL5, which are able to grant healthy, elastic, resistant and breathable materials and to make buildings healthy and confortable.
In the field of historic-conservative restauration and of recovery of reinforced concrete structures we developed a range of special and technologically advanced materials in collaboration with the leading figures of the branch, with the aim of combining tradition with technology.
Through our Research Centre we decided to collaborate with world-famous architecture and engineering professors becoming a reference company of important universities.
Moreover, we decided to share and spread the acquired know how, planning a series of cultural actions able to make familiar to a wide audience the most innovative contributions provided by research.

The values of social and environmental responsibility are the basis of our identity.

Tassullo has certified its Environmental Management System (EN ISO 14001), its Health System and Industrial Safety (BS OHSAS 18001), its Management Quality System (EN ISO 9001) and uses energy produced with renewable sources through hydroelectric power stations of property.

Tags: advantage system, concrete, energy saving, equipment&service, hystorical buildings, Insulation, mortar, Mortar and Plaster, mortars, natural buildings, New buildings, TASSULLO, wood houses

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