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Published on Luglio 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via dell'Industria, 3 - 23897 ViganĂ² (LC) - ITALY

Phone +39 039 92191 - Fax +39 039 9219290

Production: Geosynthetics, construction, packaging solutions, industrial applications, garden, agriculture

TENAX: geosynthetics, geogrids, plastic nets, fences.

TENAX is an international Group of Companies which manufacture geosynthetics for civil engineering, geogrids, plastic nets and fencing for construction; nets, film and screens for home and garden; tubular netting for packaging and industrial applications.

Our Vision Statement:
“Tenax specialises in high-end plastics and services that create customer and corporate value.”

An international Group

Established in Italy in 1960 as a company specialising in the extrusion of thermoplastic polymers, TENAX has been the rising star with constant growth in production.
Its corporate and organisational growth now places it as an International Group with a turnover of around 90,000,000 Euro of which 40% comes from outside the EU.
TENAX has 500 staff working in production units, technical and sales departments and distribution centres which are responsible for contacts with the various markets.

A widespread network of operating companies

Its detailed attention to the development of markets has led the TENAX Group to progressively extend its organisation, favouring the establishment of numerous specialised production units.
After the establishment of the original Italian headquarters in ViganĂ² in the province of Lecco, the first company specialising in agricultural products was established in the province of Rieti, followed by a large production centre in Maryland in the USA.
Other subsidiaries located in strategic countries throughout the world (Germany, Switzerland, USA, China) complete this multi-national organisation.
The subsidiaries act as receiving centres for the geographical area under their responsibility in order to implement the Group’s “know how” there and from where they benefit from operational autonomy for planning their development.
The TENAX Group, whose orientation is towards maximum flexibility and timely responses, has its main headquarters in the ViganĂ² complex (Italy).
TENAX is present worldwide through its subsidiaries and a widespread and qualified distribution network.
The total area of TENAX’s logistic and production organisation throughout the world covers more than 300,000 square metres, 100,000 of which are dedicated to production plants.

Production network

The production capacity of TENAX plants

Every year in TENAX production plants located in Italy, United States and China, over 20,000 tons of plastic nets and grids are manufactured, in all sizes, mesh configurations and colours, for a wide variety of end-uses and applications. Unsurpassed production capacity has made this possible by the on-going investments made by TENAX in the most up-to-date plant and process technology.
It presently consists of 65 extrusion lines, 9 composite production lines, 55 longitudinal stretching machines and 13 transverse stretching machines.

Flexibility of production lines

As well as having detailed knowledge of all extrusion processes, TENAX also benefits from its exclusive internal technological knowledge.
Backed strongly by these resources, TENAX designs and builds extremely flexible production systems which are capable of being adapted to operating in different ways, according to the specific product to be manufactured.
This distinctive characteristic translates into a range of netting that is unrivalled, in terms of size, type of mesh, and raw materials employed (polypropylene and polyethylene), as is borne out by the 2,000 plus products that TENAX is able to offer.

Automated continuous cycle equipment

At TENAX, automation of the process acts as a guarantee of consistent finished product quality.
A sophisticated monitoring system applied to all automated production equipment makes continual checks on every product batch.
The data it provides allow the process to be kept under constant control, with consequent benefits for both production planning and quality control.

Process network

Contribution to the evolution of the extrusion process

TENAX has followed the philosophy of on-going technological innovation for four decades.
TENAX’s contribution to the evolution of the traditionally-used extrusion processes has been significant.
Radical innovations have been made and they have been perfected in order to develop their potential to the full.
The original systems set up in TENAX’s plants have allowed the company to constantly broaden and diversify the range of products it manufactures. One example is the series of reticular filtration pipes which TENAX created, in order to respond to the request for products designed to offer environmental compatibility.

The TENAX original stretching process

TENAX has also designed and patented an exclusive mono-axial and bi-axial stretching process which can orientate the polymer molecules in a regular fashion and provide products that are at the forefront of “leading-edge” technology, in terms of physical and mechanical characteristics and performance.
In fact TENAX’s original stretching procedure gives even the lightest of netting exceptional resistance to traction, resulting in products than can support the heaviest stresses.

Innovative heat-bonding process

Its constant search for technological innovation applied to the production process has allowed TENAX to break into totally new ground.
In this way special equipment for the bonding of meshes and other materials like fabrics have been designed and built. They have provided totally new application solutions in response to the latest expectations of industry and civil engineering.

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