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Published on Luglio 20th, 2015 | by Chiara Debernardi



Made in Italy


Via L. Galvani, 7 - 51010 Massa e Cozzile (PT) - ITALY

Phone +39 0572 92711

Production: Coatings

A production of more than 6.000.000 kg. distributed in Italy

VERINLEGNO was born on 1975. The main head quartier is in Massa e Cozzile (Tuscany, near Florence) cover an area of 10.000 sqm where offices, laboratories, production dept. and main wharehouse in located. Verinlegno cover the whole Italian territory trough 25 wharehouses and a network composed by 30 agents.

Since a few years Verinlegno enforce his presence on foreign markets, becoming one of the most important reality in several countries like Greece, Spain, Poland, Romania, Israel, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East area, Africa.

Verinlegno has a production-capacity of about 8.000 tons/yearand is able to offer a qualified technical support, as well as an efficient sales-service, fast and flexible. All the products are submetted to severe qualità-tests and controls, so to always guarantee the highest qulity-rate.

The care of our environment is our priorità; for this reason Verinlegno has improved and enforced his research on formulation and technology for waterbased products. Now our range reached the maximum qualità standards, able to cover all needs.

Verinlegno wants to create a winning team together with its customers. In order to do thiswe support our sales with an extraordinay technical service, wherethe painting process is always customized upon customers’ enquiry.

Category: Coatings
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