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Published on luglio 17th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Parri, 7 - 42045 Luzzara (RE) - ITALY

Phone +39 0522 970666 - Fax +39 0522 970677

Production: Home lifts, Stairlifts with chair, Platform stairlifts

Home lifts, Stairlifts with chair and Platform stairlifts

Vimec provides the answer to all mobility requirements for the home and in public premises.
Vimec has been designing and building stairlifts, chairlifts, stairclimbers and lifts for the elimination of architectural barriers since 1980, improving accessibility to private and public buildings and ensuring domestic mobility, home comfort and well-being for all those who need to get around the house effortlessly and easily.
Vimec today is the Italian market leader thanks to the breadth of its product range, and has achieved a solid reputation on the international market with sales branches in Spain, France, the UK and Poland in addition to maintaining a presence in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America and China.
The strengths underpinning the company’s continuous growth are to be found in its commitment to investing in innovation, research and safety, both in relation to products and internal production processes.
Thanks to a workforce in excess of 200 and a network of consultants, always ready to offer expert advice to potential customers, plus a capillary service network throughout Italy and in several other European and non-European countries, VIMEC is able to build tailored systems to match the needs of each and every customer.
Vimec’s manufacturing facility stands on a site of more than 35,000 square metres, of which 20,000 square metres occupied by the operative centres and production plants.
The Mobile Stairclimbers Division
Mobile Stairclimbers Division

The specialists in Rehabilitation Mobility

To safeguard and assist users from the choice of system to the time of delivery of their stairclimber, Vimec has set up the Mobile Stairclimbers Division (MSD), composed of a team of experts able to guarantee:

  • a professional site inspection to check functional aspects and identify the most suitable mobile stairclimber to install
  • training in use of the stairclimber for carers
  • after-sales technical service delivered through a series of Technical Assistance Centres with a capillary presence throughout the territory.

The T06 comfort and Roby stairclimbers can be supplied by the Italian National Health Service with a medical prescription or, like all Vimec solutions, they can be purchased by making use of the economic incentives provided by statutory legislation.
The value of a VIMEC solution

All our products are in full compliance with European Directives so they bear the CE mark.
To guarantee compliance VIMEC has voluntarily had the conformity of all its products certified by Notified Bodies (TUV and IMQ).
The commitment to quality is further confirmed by the fact that Vimec – the first company in the sector in Italy – has secured UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System certification from DNV (Det Norske Veritas), subsequently renewed in accordance with Vision 2000.
Value for PARTNERS with the PSP service

PSP stands for Partner Support Program: an exclusive Vimec service for its partners to ensure they are supplied with a series of personalized tools for the development of their business and to ensure end users are offered consistently excellent levels of service.
The PSP program includes: specific classroom and practical training courses for sales and technical personnel; studies and assistance to implement correct market strategies; support for the organization of seminars (e.g. addressed to architects, technical design studios, etc.), and participation in exhibitions in the sector.
Close collaboration with our partners means that Vimec can count on continual improvement of the level of awareness of the various markets and therefore provide a more tailored response to the requirements of customers in all areas.

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