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Published on Settembre 10th, 2014 | by Chiara Debernardi



Made in Italy


Via delle Industrie, 47 - 31050 Ponzano Veneto (TV) - ITALY

Phone +39 0422 9663 - Fax +39 0422 966401 -

Production: Fixation systems, Water-proofing, Mortar and Plaster

Volteco is an exhaustive reference point for all waterproofing work on buildings

Volteco S.p.A. offers products and solutions to problems caused by water in new and existing buildings in five areas, typically:

  • Waterproofing basements and cellars
  • Waterproofing of pools and tanks
  • Waterproofing terraces and flat roofs
  • Protection of plaster facades and concrete restoration
  • Dehumidification of damp walls

sede Volteco

With regards to the product range, Volteco distinguishes itself with a long experience as manufacturer of high performance elastic membranes. This technology has been strongly developed since early ’90s through the internal R&D department to obtain a comprehensive range of products for different application fields, and with different levels of performance within each field.

Volteco waterproofing systems are completed by waterproof mortars, repair mortars, breathable plasters, joints, chemical barriers, bentonite liners and a full set of accessories to allow a perfect application. All these are also designed and manufactured according to the best standards in order to deliver system-solutions to its customers.

The technologies are developed internally through the LTE (Laboratory of Building Technology), which has specific duties like to verify the performance of Volteco materials in accordance with EN standards and to carry out a constant quality control on production input and output in compliance with quality requirements.

Volteco is operating under ISO 9001 certification, since 1997, to ensure the quality of every company process (ICMQ certification). Besides, since 2011, the company is also certified according to ISO 14001 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (safety) by KIWA.


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