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Production: photovoltaic equipment and solar thermal systems

Photovoltaic equipment and solar thermal systems

Wagner Solar UK Ltd is a nationwide supplier of photovoltaic equipment and solar thermal systems.
The company supplies solar installers across the country, through its one-stop shop philosophy, where dedicated staff members provide customers with a full system design incorporating all the necessary components to build a complete solar system.
Wagner Solar is part of the German company, Wagner & Co., a company that has been active in the field of solar technology for more than 30 years.
Wagner Solar enjoys privileged access to a range of manufacturers to supply technology covering all types of applications.
If you’re working on a home installation for a customer with a low capital outlay but requiring a good level electricity generation, we have the right solution for you.
Likewise, if you want to maximise your clients roof space and generate as much electricity as possible, give us a call today and one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to help.
For space heating, we have our very own solar thermal system which has been designed, developed and manufactured in Germany.
In addition to its supply operation, the company is deeply involved in on-going training for MCS accredited solar installers.
As more new entrants enter the field, it is important for them to keep abreast with product developments and best practice for installation, so Wagner Solar have recently opened the Wagner Academy, which is a solar training school to support accredited installers around the country with on-going product and installation training.
Courses at the solar training school are being offering at no cost and form part of the company’s intention to share knowledge of the newest products and systems available, so that installers who work with Wagner Solar have the peace of mind of installing the right systems with the right equipment.”
Since the start of the solar feed-in-tariff subsidy programme in April 2010, the market for photovoltaic systems’ in 2010 increased 10-fold compared with the previous year and sales from Wagner Solar accounted for an impressive 12% market share.
Installed capacity is expected to continue at much higher levels for 2011 and beyond, whilst large numbers of new jobs are being created on a daily basis. Wagner Solar is proud to be part of this growth and the company goal can be summarized as “affordable high quality solar energy for everyone.”

Wagner & Co – 30 years solar technology with passion

Surviving in the turbulent solar market for more than 30 years takes a lot of commitment and passion – character traits that were shared by the founders in 1979 and by all employees working for Wagner & Co today.
Wagner & Co is one of the leading companies of solar technology in Germany and Europe and a pioneer of this modern environmental technology. For more than 30 years Wagner & Co has set the standards – and we are not planning to slow down yet!
Our company started its visionary business concept back in 1979, when nine young students founded the company. They decided to realize a real ecological alternative towards environmental damage and nuclear power. This led to the development and production of a broad range of solar thermal systems, photovoltaic systems, and wood pellet heating systems.
When the first solar systems were produced not many could conceive that a single idea would lead to a flourishing company with increasing sales and more than 400 employees today. These early efforts achieved complete solar thermal systems for DIY installation and later progressed to a fully automated collectors and racking system production.
A key ingredient to Wagner & Co’s success has been its ability to deliver technical expertise. Not only content with distributing “Hardware” the company has an in-house technical publishing team who constantly produce technical handbooks and material without which installers would be lost.
While many companies cold-shouldered solar technology after the end of the oil embargo, Wagner & Co kept at it and constantly developed their range of products: the EURO-collector for easy racking, the LB-collector for major solar systems, the SOLARroof-System for made-to-measure large plants, effective solar controllers and storages up to the current top of the range, the EURO L20 AR collector.
The challenges of the future represent pose no threat to Wagner & Co: With the company’s modern robot and laser technology used in its collector production; a powerful product development department; a wide range of PV-systems for all dimensions and a network of dedicated distributors in key markets across the world; Wagner Co is ready to embrace the future.


Unbeatable wholesale prices

As part of a German group, we use our group buying power to procure our PV equipment on a pan-European basis, allowing us to offer you, the installer – competitively priced products every time. Our solar thermal product is our very own and we are proud to say that our factory in Germany, where we produce over 200,000 collector plates each year, is a carbon neutral site.

Large product portfolio with consistently high stock levels for dependable availability

We are the UK arm of Wagner & Co, the leading German solar power company with more than 30 years’ experience in the market. Whilst we stock our key module and inverter brands locally in the UK, we have immediate access to a wide range of products with consistently high stock levels to provide you with an optimum product offering. Whatever you need, we’re just a phone call away.

Specification service and dedicated technical support from your daily sales contact

The main reason why installers choose to work with Wagner Solar is our bespoke system dimensioning service which we offer at no additional cost. Our expert sales team will dimension your system statically, as part of their standard service, whilst offering you the most competitively priced solar PV or solar thermal system out there.

Wagner Academy training (bringing you more than 30 years solar experience)

Our solar training school is unique in that our training courses are designed for MCS accredited installers. The solar industry is advancing at a rapid pace so we have designed our training academy to specifically support MCS accredited installers, so they can keep up with the changes in the industry.
The course is run by expert inhouse instructors and supplemented with addtional product training delivered directly from the PV manufacturers who we represent.

Just-in-time delivery

Through our consistently high stock levels, we are able to offer you a 48-hour delivery timeframe. Items ordered by 12pm will be processed the same day, to the packed the next working day and delivered the following. If you want a 48 hour delivery, please make sure you get your order in before 12pm.

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