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Di.Big, new security door

Made in Italy

12/12/2016 | DI.BI.

Di.Bi. has been designing and producing contemporary-styled security doors and anti-intrusion security products for windows for forty years.

The company, known global-wise as an example of made in Italy quality, has proven in time its ability to  pair advanced security measures with passion for design, by creating a modern style which always keeps an eye on tradition.
Moreover, in order to meet any need, the firm offers a wide range of customized products.

The 6th of October this year marked the fourth decade of activity for Di.Bi., that has been celebrated with the launch of a new product:  Di.Big , a security door with pivoting opening  that ensures high security standards even in case of wide openings.
Di.Big is flush with the frame and equipped with double lateral deadbolts in both sides of the door-leaf. It suits the interiors, thanks to the care of details and a timeless and simple design, but it’s also ideal for an external use in contact with atmospheric agents.

This door has been designed to reach high performance standards, such as:

  • Anti-intrusion (class 3)
  • Acoustic insulation 38dB
  • Air permeability (class 4)
  • Watertightness (class 5a)
  • Resistance to the wind load (class 5)

Di.Big is available in three different installation solutions: standard, flush with the internal frame for boiserie and flush with the external frame.

From an aesthetic point of view, the door shows a simple and linear finishing, made of three vertical sections. This concept is the result of a synthesis between the desire to offer a simple installation solution and the need to distinguish the product with an original design. At the moment, the available materials for finishing panels are: lacquered, polished lacquered, laminam, pvc and multi-layer wood. New aesthetic solutions are under assessment at the R&D department and will be available soon.

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