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A dual-function glass for interior

Made in Italy


Mirror and integrated television with Pilkington MirroView ™

How many people want to television in front of the bed?

How many people want to mirror in the bedroom?

A brilliant installation done by a private Swiss citizen, has allowed in a just 28 mm thick solution, to offer him in front of his bed, television and the mirror.

The exceptional product that allows you to obtain this benefit is MirroView Pilkington ™.

Placed in front of a video source when the power is off Pilkington MirroView ™ looks like a normal mirror, hiding the screen. When the screen is on the image it is visible through MirroView Pilkington ™.

Thanks to its pyrolytic coating, extremely durable, does not degrade over time, it maintains a duration of virtually unlimited life.

It is also highly reflective, therefore extremely suitable for both residential and commercial applications: bars, restaurants, shops, hairdressing salons, Hall and hotel lounges, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens.

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