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Mercato Klauzal – Budapest, Ungheria – First Prize Grand Prize

Made in Italy


In the Shopping and Office Centres section, first prize went to Mercato Klauzal – Budapest, Ungheria 

Studio: Kunyho Epitèsziroda kft
Designer: Zoltàn Kun

Over 150 designers went through to the final stage of the competition, from all over the world, with high-quality projects demonstrating the increasingly widespread use of and appreciation for ceramic materials in the field of construction. Testimony to this are the very places in which the winning projects were built: South Africa, Qatar, Peru, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, France and Italy.Jury’s motivation:

A sophisticated restructuring project of an old covered market, where
the existing structure is enhanced by the ceramic flooring. This
gives the original tiling a contemporary feel via the almost surgical
use of small-format components. The graphic pattern and colour
combinations have been meticulously selected, with the layout
creating a web of connections between the various elements, adding
emphasis to columns, walkways, entrances and functional areas.

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