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Pilkington Eclipse ™ Gold: the fine luster of gold

Made in Italy


Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold is the solar-control glass with pyrolytic coating which allows high transmission of natural light inside the building, while its warm golden color gives to the structure a glamorous look.

Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold is the glass with pyrolytic coating suitable for heat treatment characterized by a strong yellow gold reflection. It is the ideal solution for those applications that require a highly reflective appearance combined with a seductive color. It finds application in the external facades of commercial buildings and it is largely appreciated by the service sector for its brilliant and attractive aesthetics. At the same time, it is well-appreciated in internal applications too, for the diffusion and the games of light that it is able to create.
Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold is also used in the furniture and interior design sectors.
DecorFlou® Gold: a beautiful application of Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold
Starting from Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold, our partner OmniDecor glass design, a leading manufacturer of acid-etched and decorated glass, developed an appealing product line.
The result is DecorFlou® Gold, a fine glass that diffuses warm and multifaceted gold color shades, available in satin and / or decorated surface finish.
The etched side anti-fingerprint and anti-scratching surface combines with the brightness of the reflecting surface. Aesthetics and handiness are combined in a single product on the market.
The pyrolytic couche Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold also allows the transformation in laminated safety glass, while through LED light sources it is possible to obtain further aesthetic characteristics.
The latest trends in terms of colors and refined finishes in interior design projects is exactly gold: the cooperation between Pilkington Italia and OmniDecor anticipates in this way the market requests.
DecorFlou® Gold applications in furniture and construction fields are multiple: furnishings, partition walls, kitchens, bathrooms, elevator cabins and many other original and valuable applications, mainly for contract and retail.


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