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Published on novembre 12th, 2015 | by Sara Leonardi



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Definitively waterproofs all flat roofs, old and new

AQUASCUD System 420 by Volteco is a patented waterproofing system, offering a definitive solution and without having to resort to demolition, for balconies, terraces, roof decks and all flat surfaces, even with flooring installed.
It is a waterproof protective shield against possible causes of infiltration.
Quick, practical and extremely elastic, it is a definitive solution to cutting costs and inconvenience.
AQUASCUD System 420 consists of:

  • AQUASCUD 420, elastic two-component waterproofing compound
  • AQUASCUD JOIN, elasticised staff bead.
  • AQUASCUD LINE, a draining gutter profile to finish and protect flooring edges;
  • AQUASCUD BASIC: elasticised microporous water-repellent polypropylene membrane, which is roughened thanks to special processing, allowing perfect adhesion to the waterproof coating;

AQUASCUD System 420, accordingly composed, is suitable for waterproofing outdoor horizontal surfaces of any size.

Where to use it

  • Waterproofing of terraces or flat roofs, side-walks, balconies and sloped floors, even with flooring already installed.
  • To temporarily waterproof floors and screeds before the definitive works
  • For substrates in general, even lightweight (made of polystyrene, etc.), which are in contact with water, even occasionally, before the coatings are applied
  • Humid rooms such as bathrooms, showers, saunas and solariums


  • Applicable on existing floor and surfaces with micro-cracks
  • No demolition and disposal
  • Definitive intervention with a thickness of just 3 mm, thanks to its adherence to every type of surface
  • It maintains deformability to -20°C
  • Excellent protection of screed against the action of un/freezing and efflorescence
  • Allows the paving to be applied directly using cement-based, highly deformable glue suitable for external use
  • Low environmental impact thanks to reduced CO2 emissions, very low Volatile Organic Compound emissions (VOC), components obtained from recycling processes
  • The product helps earn points for LEED certification


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