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Published on Febbraio 10th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Via 4 Novembre, 95 - 22066 Mariano Comense (CO)

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Made in Italy

Satin-finish glass par excellence.

Madras® satin finish products have revolutionized the concept of translucent flat glass for construction and décor work and are now components of choice for architecture and design.
Satin finishing and chemical etching, unlike sanding and varnishing, enable glass surfaces to be made permanently translucent in highly sophisticated ways, in terms of both touch and light transmission and diffusion.
Perfect uniformity of etching and constant quality are Madras® hallmarks that guarantee a perfect and permanent end result, even after subsequent transformation.

Ecosat Velo

The defining properties of this glass are its high luminous transmission and an extraordinary silky touch, fruit of an exclusive new process developed by Vitrealspecchi. This special finish ensures greater resistance to fingerprints and easier cleaning, also in the transformation phase, than the maté finish.

Ecosat Maté

Effective visual obscuration and optimal light diffusion are the key properties recommending this glass for a wide spectrum of uses, including façade claddings, double glazing units and lighting applications. The satin finished surface is perfectly even and velvety to the touch, making it a pleasing visual/tactile experience.
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