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Published on Febbraio 26th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Via Molino Vecchio, 9 - 47043 Gatteo (FC) - ITALY

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Made in Italy

Monolithic tanks used to store liquid and solid substances

Gazebo monolithic tanks, manufactured using the innovative SCC Gazebo System, guarantee no leakage and no ground infiltration and are used to store liquid and solid substances such as:
• drinking water,
• meteoric and groundwater,
• wastewater and industrial effluent,
• any kinds of powder,
• seeds, feedstuff, brine, etc

The “SCC Gazebo System” uses innovative Gazebo technology and a unique production process to manufacture prefabricated monolithic tanks using self-compacting concrete (SCC).

Gazebo uses rotating formwork to produce the tanks and the concrete curing process is achieved quicker and without steam.

Result: the structure is extremely solid and strong, the tanks have more aesthetic appeal and are perfectly watertight, even when installed above ground. In other words, greater durability, greater safety, no problems.

Features of self-compacting concrete (SCC)

  • Made with PORTLAND CEMENT (in compliance with UNI EN 197-1) with type 1 mineral additives (calcium carbonate “ventilated filler”) and aggregates that comply with UNI EN 12620.
  • The quicker concrete curing process is achieved without steam, giving it considerably greater strength.

C40/50 (Rck ≥ 500 kg/cm²)
C50/60 (Rck ≥ 600 kg/cm²)
C60/75 (Rck ≥ 750 kg/cm²)

EXPOSURE CLASSES (in compliance with UNI EN 206-1)
XC4 (concrete resistant to corrosion induced by carbonation),
XS2/XD2 (concrete resistant to corrosion induced by chlorides),
XF1 (concrete resistant to freeze/thaw attack)
XA2 (high sulphate resistant concrete)
XA3 (very high sulphate resistant concrete)


Characteristics of the monolithic tanks

  • Internal reinforcements in improved adhesion steel with type B450C electrically welded mesh, factory tested, in compliance with Italian Ministerial Decree of 14.01.2008.
  • External and internal surfaces with open face finish which is totally free of porosity and gravel nests.



Please contact our Sales Office if you require larger tanks.
All the tanks in the table above are also available with height 100/150/200 cm (upon special request).
All the tanks in the table above can be installed above ground (upon special request).
All the tanks in the table above (including tanks with h= 200 cm, 150 cm and 100 cm), are available without the bottom (extension tanks).
The pedestrian covers are fitted with one class B125 inspection cover in cast iron or galvanised steel sheet with 60×60 cm clear opening.
A 3-5 cm layer of sand must be laid on the foundation slab where the prefabricated elements will be placed.
The cast iron inspection covers on the pedestrian covers are class B125.
The cast iron inspection covers on the vehicle covers for light traffic are class C250.
The cast iron inspection covers on the vehicle covers for heavy traffic are class D400.

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