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23/08/2016 | SEVES

The free SEVESGLASSBLOCK Smart Guide, available to download, is filled with completed projects as well as additional information and inspiration on how to use SEVESGLASSBLOCK “smart solutions” in any application horizontal or vertical, exterior or interior.

Eighty years of history. A third of the world’s production. 40% of the global market.

SEVESGLASSBLOCK is more and more confirmed leader in brick glass sector, providing the designe’s experience on glass technology gained through years of research and study.

It is through this very relationship with architects that SEVESGLASSBLOCK has achieved success; a success built upon a vast and exclusively unique range of products. Energy saving, fire resistant, bullet-proof and sound-proof, not to mention transparent and colourful: SEVESGLASSBLOCK have exceptional performance capabilities designed to meet project needs – without compromising the creativity of the architect. Today the glass block has become the perfect ally for design professionals, offering intelligent solutions rich in style, beauty and design that also respond to specific project requirements. Projects such as banks, which demand extreme security, or public stations, with secure bridged walkways, or even custom applications with special structural conditions, can all benefit from the high performance capabilities of the glass block. Internationally renowned architects such as Renzo Piano, Rafael Moneo and Santiago Calatrava have in fact, built some of their most important projects with Seves’s glass blocks – a source of great pride for the company considering the demanding structural needs of each building. The Maison Hermès in Tokyo is one such example: created by the Italian master Renzo Piano it is a “magic lantern” of glass blocks, specifically designed to meet the anti-seismic requirements of the location while conveying lightness and luminosity that only SEVESGLASSBLOCK could render possible through the art of transparency.

SEVESGLASSBLOCK: “smart solutions” tailor made to the creativity of architects and designers.

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