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Small bathroom? Cerasa’s strategies to increase the space

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To make the most of a small bathroom and therefore for good space management, special precautions and support solutions are required such as small and compact sanitary ware, furniture with compartments, storage elements or sliding doors, details for containing, hiding and/or enlarging.

Are you renovating or furnishing your home and find yourself in front of a small bathroom?

New buildings often have less generous living spaces than in the past, but whether it is the guest bathroom or the master one, the choice and the elements arrangement will make all the difference, in terms of sizes, materials, colours and lighting.

Specialised in bathroom furniture for over 40 years, Cerasa has, in its collections, solutions suitable also for small or irregular bathrooms: these solutions satisfy any furnishing style, from the minimal one, such as Misura solution in its version without handles, to the classic, like the 32.5 cm deep base units of York and Paestum collections.

Let’s see them in detail!

Dedicated to guests: small and functional

In the face of the health emergency, the guest bathroom is also taking on a central role, almost as a prevention bulwark. Washing your hands seems like a normal routine gesture but, today more than ever, it is among the highest forms of respect for ourselves and others. The washbasin therefore plays a key role. Beware proportions: depth and width will be selected based on the actual space, but also to ensure mobility within the room.

A reduced depth integral basin, 45.5 cm, with standing washbasin unit, such as those proposed in Misura collection, will also allow us to make the most of the storage space that Cerasa enriches with functional dividers and accessories.


Misura collection: example of reduced depth integral basin with washbasin unit

Same principle, but more sinuous lines, for Suede collection element: conical washbasin unit and soft shapes enhanced by Canaletto walnut wood. The washbasin unit conceals a large drawer with an internal drawer and a storage compartment fixed inside its front.

A precious piece of furniture, which is completed with a series of coordinated elements such as the self-supporting valet stand in polished bronzed metal that fulfils, thanks to its accessories, various support and storage needs with lightness and eclecticism, or the full-height unit with storage shelves and internal full-length mirror.


Suede collection: conical washbasin unit to furnish and give character to a small guest bathroom

To lighten the overall dimensions even the solution of a hanging washbasin unit can increase the sensation of lightness and brightness, thus also simplifying cleaning operations. Des collection with customisable fronts in several materials, from Ecomalta® to fabrics treated for humid environments, is useful for amplifying brightness and embellishing or camouflaging the overall dimensions, or Misura collection, with its basin and hanging washbasin unit, capable of interpreting the needs of a small bathroom with linearity.


DES collection by Cerasa consists of sideboards, wall units, accessories to give personality to the environments it furnishes

Pixie reduced depth hand-rinse basin from NeroLab collection, with specific washbasin unit and lateral mixer, has a particularly discreet depth of only 22cm and is suitable for storing accessories and daily or spare products of the bathroom area. It can also be enriched with a handy shelf that offers a lateral support: the ideal solution for even very, very small bathrooms.


Pixie hand-rinse basin with washbasin unit with door guarantees functionality and storage even for the smallest rooms

Small bathroom but with a scenic effect

If you want to amaze your guests even in the bathroom with solutions that are not particularly bulky but of sure impact, the design Totem and Colonna washbasins of NeroLab collection are for you: they can be placed to the wall or in the centre of the room, with integrated or ceiling mounted towel holders, which minimize the overall dimensions and avoid drilling tiles.

To characterise the space even more strongly, Totem and Colonna can become customised washbasins because their external surface can be painted in multiple finishes or can also be covered with wallpaper to create a particularly refined atmosphere. Even the mere gesture of washing hands will be an experience.


Totem washbasin of NeroLab collection, with integrated towel holder, enhances the space with minimum bulk

Guest bathroom yes, but where?

Let’s imagine that the guest bathroom is potentially located in your home living area and that it will most likely have an anteroom. This space can be wisely used as small laundry (Regola collection, by Cerasa, offers a very wide range of storage and practical solutions) or as storage place for cleaning tools, as wardrobe for outerwear and linen or as shoe rack – remember that it is a healthy habit not to wear shoes at home.

Full-height units, whether open or with doors, also know how to make the most of volumes, making the heights functional and well used.


Regola collection consists of storage solutions for washing machines and dryers: base units, full-height units and open elements to organise the space in an anteroom.

Having solved the guest bathroom, let’s now analyse what needs to be faced in bathrooms not exceeding 4-6 square metres. Whether they are narrow and long, small and square or with an irregular plan, the goal is always the same: to welcome and resolve. Let’s see how.

Small bathroom with a long and narrow plan

A small bathroom with a long and narrow plan may seem problematic, but there are many solutions to make it functional and aesthetically design. First of all, we can play on colours and layout, darkening the back wall, which increases the perception of depth and place the shower or the bathtub there, so as to solve the positioning of a first key element, and then be able to concentrate on the rest. The choice of coloured furniture will be essential to give the room greater brightness: Cerasa offers the possibility to choose between numerous materic finishes as well as lacquered ones, glossy and matt, in any colour, even as a sample.


CartaBianca collection: wide colours and finishes choice to satisfy every need and style

For long and narrow bathrooms furniture depths are essential to make movements more agile and, thanks to its CartaBianca and NeroLab collections, Cerasa offers numerous proposals for reduced-depth washbasin units, suspended or free-standing.

The variable depth washbasin compositions are also interesting, with inclined base units that facilitate passage by maximizing storage or with curved base units, with a softer aesthetic, to take advantage of the entire washbasin area.

Cerasa-Segno- composizione-profondita-variabile-109

Segno collection inclined base units allow you to make the most of a small and narrow bathroom


Misura collection ensures maximum compositional freedom with solutions that furnish with style and harmony

A particularly popular idea for making the most of space in a small bathroom are the sliding and retractable pocket doors that can also be applied to elements such as base units or full-height units for washing machine and dryer. Everything in order, but perfectly accessible and ergonomic.


Among the solutions for a small bathroom, sliding and retractable pocket doors, such as those of CartaBianca collection, are an ideal solution

In these solutions, storage is guaranteed by the good interior spaces organization thanks to dividers and accessories: from little boxes to hooks for small appliances such as the hairdryer. Cabinet mirrors are certainly a valid ally of order. With hinged or flap door, with integrated drying rack and lighting and above all of very different shapes and sizes, Cerasa cabinet mirrors will be able to fit with style even on long walls.


Clean lines for NeroLab collection that has a wide range of storage accessories and dividers

For those who want to have an individual space, even in the synchrony of the use of the same room during the highlights of the day, Cerasa offers solutions that, starting from 120 cm, include large washbasins with the possibility of setting up a double mixer.

Small bathroom with square plan

Having the square as a plant doesn’t always make life easier. It obviously depends on the size. Finding the right organization and optimal balance with the square plan may require some interlocking games where, the equipped full-height units, open or with doors, can help to amplify the space by lightening the weights. Even shelves allow you to build furnishing and decorative paths.

Generally, shelves and elements create fundamental support places, positioning them for example above the bathroom fixtures to maximize the heights, and Cerasa has also managed to make these furnishings real allies in the space organization, enhancing their potential and interpreting new functionality.

The metal bar looks just like a shelf, available in different widths and materials, but at the same time it is also a practical towel holder, as is the metal side decorative element with lower shelf that can be coordinated with all the available CartaBianca collection finishes. The furnishings take on new meanings, lightening the complexity of small spaces.


Space organization is essential and, with CartaBianca collection, Cerasa offers side decorative elements that can be used as shelves or towel holders

Space-saving solutions for the irregularly shaped room

Going up in difficulty, the irregular room plan often requires greater attention to compliance with the minimum distances necessary between furniture and bathroom fixtures, and above all the ability to combine furniture and functionality. The wide choice of sizes that Cerasa offers, in addition to the possibility of making custom-made furniture, will be able to respond to increasingly specific needs.

Even the infinite wood and colours finishes, available or customisable, will make it possible to make the spaces irregularity more harmonious. Playing with mirrors, perhaps daring the generous dimensions of the iconic round illuminated mirror, available in various sizes from 95 to 130 cm in diameter, will make everything seem larger.

Or staying on more classic and square shapes, with the possibility of LED lighting, the environment will also be harmonised by music thanks to the mirror equipped with speakers, prepared with Bluetooth connection.


Segno collection combines aesthetics and efficiency with space-saving solutions able to enhance a small and irregular bathroom

Often irregular spaces, for example attics where the ceiling is sloping or rooms that include recessed furniture, require centimetre solutions that Cerasa is able to realise, as well as tops and tops in high thickness with integrated basins.

These tops in high thickness guarantee an effect of sure impact and elegance thanks to the particularity of the materials with which they are made, such as the Graniglia Gres with integrated basin of this composition.

The same tops in high thickness with integrated basin of NeroLab collection, which can also be designed to the centimetre, allow on 16cm thickness the creation of lateral and frontal storage open compartments of various widths, thus creating unexpected niches for storing everyday accessories.


With CartaBianca collection, Cerasa create solutions to the centimetre to take advantage of any recess of a small bathroom

Mirrors, which can also be made to the centimetre both in height and in width as needed, allow you to furnish the upper part of the composition, respecting the limits dictated by tight spaces.

Lights and mirrors: details that make the difference

In every bathroom, of any size or shape, mirrors and lights will make the difference. The mirror, which by its nature enlarges spaces perception, furnishes, can contain and hide. An eclectic object, one of the most versatile decorative elements that we can introduce in the bathroom, with an intrinsic predisposition for interior design.

Illuminated on top and laterally with spotlights: the right reflection is built in a skilful balance of lighting that cannot and must not neglect the design. A practical magnifying mirror can also be attached to the mirror using a magnet. Cerasa also offers a wide selection of bathroom lamps that know how to welcome, furnish and amaze, but above all perform their main function: to give us light.


One of the timeless solutions for practicality uses the mirror as a cabinet to store objects

Snake lamp, for example, with its flexible and mouldable stem, in Nickel finish, can be mounted on wall or ceiling. Minù, LED lamp in satin glass embellished with a Nickel finish, has a strong character enclosed in small dimensions and all the power of LED light.

Alfred lamp, in addition to lighting, is completed with a metal magazine rack and a shelf enriched with a USB socket: the multifunctional that solves.


Alfred wall lamp offers a shelf with USB socket, magazine rack and is LED lighted

Cerasa, thanks to its experience in design and a recognisable and classy style, is able to offer quality bathroom furniture with solutions that adapt to every size and plan, without neglecting customer service, delivering pre-assembled and tested for strength and durability furniture.

For lacquered and veneered finishes, Cerasa also offers the sanitizing treatment with antibacterial action that involves the use of Silver Power Plus: a completely transparent substance, integrated into the lacquering and painting process in order to guarantee its homogeneous and capillary distribution over the entire surface of the piece of furniture, which will thus be permanently protected and highly antibacterial.

Even for a small bathroom, Cerasa proposal is truly complete thanks to intelligent and elegant, customisable and functional accessories. Accessories that, while keeping aesthetics central, interpret practicality, becoming usable without ever weighing down our most intimate space.

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