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Submersible pump control panels Made in Italy

Made in Italy


A submersible pump is the ideal solution if you have water to move whether it’s clean or dirty water.

Submersible pumps can be used to drain flood water from homes or industrial buildings, for keeping cellars dry and preventing structural damage to foundations, for cleaning ponds and swimming pools or simply for emptying grey wastewater from baths, sinks and washing machines.

An efficient submersible pump should be able to clear water down to a level of 3mm. They can also be used to pump water from one place to another for irrigation purposes. When these pumps are a permanent installation adding a submersible pump control panel to the system makes it much more user-friendly and efficient.

This efficiency of your equipment can be enhanced with the addition of a submersible pump control panel such as the ones available on many sites, on the web.
When a submersible water pump is not functioning properly you run the risks of

  • flooding,
  • possible delays in building work
  • or a lack of water where it should be.

Your control panel can be set to let your pump carry out a specific task or series of tasks while their modern microprocessors make them easy to use. In its simplest form, a control panel prevents your pump from running in a dry situation which could lead to irreversible damage while more complex designs can be programmed with multiple pre-set options and be capable of controlling several pumps at the same time.
Other designs have reverse action settings, useful if larger particles have entered your pumping system and threaten to prevent its efficient working.

Modern control panels for submersible pumps have a unibody seal and a method of wall fixture that protects the electrical elements from water while the operating switches are sealed for safe usage in environments where water and electricity might possibly come together and cause an accidental injury or worse.
When you are looking to buy a submersible pump control panel it is advisable to check that it meets both national and international safety standards as well as looking at the ease of its installation, operation and maintenance and any backup services provided by the company you bought it from.

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