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Accessories for Impertek Supports

Made in Italy

10/11/2016 | IMPERTEK

From the design phase to the construction site, everything becomes easier.

Impertek is a leading Italian company with 30 years of experience in the construction sector, specialising in the production of fixed and adjustable supports for external raised flooring.

Its motto, Change is possible, defines the choices made by the company, which are always focused on constant innovation to support the design and implementation of construction work.

In 2016 alone, for example, the company has expanded its design department with an area dedicated to prototyping and has published online Megapro (a web-app for designing raised flooring) and is currently developing a new series of accessories for Jacks, which are essential to facilitate and simplify work at the construction site.

One of the new products in the support range is, first of all, BALANCE, the self-levelling micro-head that can be used on all Jack supports, designed to allow for slope correction during installation.

Developed to easily and automatically adapt to the various slopes that can be found in construction sites, it allows the inclination of flooring to be corrected up to 5%. Furthermore, it can be used in combination with conventional slope correctors for supports, thus increasing the percentage of use.

Balance consists of 4 pieces that overlap one another: from below we find the connector (which allows the head to be attached to the screws of the Jack supports), the head, the leveller and the blocking clip. Finally, thanks to the anti-shock rubber, it ensures greater noise absorption.

The second important innovation from the Impertek product catalogue for raised flooring is PRIMEUP, an adjustable support with a height of just 10mm.

PrimeUp has a base on which an adjustment ring nut is inserted. Thanks to the latter, by turning two components, the height can be increased from a minimum of 10mm to a total of 15mm. Moreover, below the base, two extensions can be inserted, which additionally increase the height of the support by 5mm each.

PrimeUp, in full closing phase and without extensions, therefore measures just 10mm, whereas, when it is open at maximum height and with both extensions applied, it reaches 25mm.

Finally, the micro-head of the support is inserted above the base and ring nut, choosing the most suitable among those in the entire MegaMart category.

From the innovative power of Balance and the unique features of PrimeUp comes MINIBALANCE, the lowest ever self-levelling adjustable support: 25mm of height, which, thanks to three different opening steps and the application of two extensions, can reach 50mm.

MiniBalance consists of a base surmounted by the adjustment ring nut: through three different steps, it allows the height of the support to be increased by 5mm (1st step), 10mm (2nd step) or 15mm (3rd step), going from 25mm to a total of 40mm. Above the ring nut, there are the screw of the support and the Balance self-levelling head (with a leveller and blocking clip).

In addition, below the MiniBalance base, up to two extensions, measuring 5mm each, can be added, thus further increasing the height of the support and reaching a total of 50mm.

The latest additions to the Impertek range of products include the Vertical Wall Clips and the Step Clips, two types of accessories that can be directly applied to Jack supports.

The VERTICAL WALL CLIP allows grouting to be created between the tiles to be laid and the vertical walls of the perimeter, avoiding the displacement of the tile itself and ensuring maximum stability of the installed flooring. The Vertical Wall Clips are to be used on top of the support, placing them on the grouting fins between the head and the tile to be laid.

The STEP CLIPS, instead, allow the construction of a vertical fixing, with excellent aesthetic results even in difficult situations. They are used in pairs: one at the base of the support (in which it is fitted thanks to hooks) and the other placed between the tile and the head of the support, where it is attached to the grouting fins so that it always maintains the ideal position.

Category: Fixation systems
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