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Published on aprile 15th, 2014 | by Sara Leonardi



Made in Italy


Via Po, 507 - 30022 Ceggia (VE) - ITALY

Phone +39 0421 322 525 - Fax +39 0421 322 756

Production: Fixings, Coverings, Tunnels

Impertek: innovation and technology

Impertek is a leader in the building sector both in domestic and international markets, with a wide range of prefabricated components for waterproofing and building.

The company started in 1985 specializing in the laying of bituminous and PVC felts. Evolution and new market trends orientated Impertek towards the field of accessories from 1987 onwards.

At the beginning the firm operated in the Italian market and subsequently, through exhibitions and widespread promotion, extended to the international sector.

The success of Impertek has been based on technological innovation of products thanks to experience in waterproofing and proposals of careful demanding customers.

Efficient, qualified staff, the right synergy through the various departments (project engineering, production and commercial) and 90% warehouse stock availability of standard products are key factors in guaranteeing that the firm fulfils primary objectives, namely product reliability and quality and speed in executing orders.

Production automation which ensures greater control, elasticity and personalization of products and careful selection of suppliers of raw materials for innovative products, are the new targets of the company.

With this aim for improvement in mind Impertek has decided on internal reorganization through Quality Management System certification ISO 9001.

Tags: Fixation systems, Water-proofing

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