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MegaPro, the new web-application by Impertek

Made in Italy

30/08/2016 | IMPERTEK

Impertek is proud to present the MegaPro, the new web-application that revolutionize the designing of elevated terraces, both for the laying with decking and tile of any size.

With MegaPro you will easily discover the total number of supports necessary for your project, the quantity of every type of support on the basis of each excursion, the number of slope correctors and their exact placement.

Design the plan of your terrace; enter the essential data such as the dimensions, slopes and draining points, and that’s it: in a few moments, MegaPro will be able to calculate how many and which Jack Supports and MegaMart you will need, having available the whole range of Impertek’s pedestals.

Thanks to MegaPro you can see the floor plan with all Impertek’s pedestals already positioned and divided by height: to each colour corresponds a support, with its exact excursion. Once the blueprint is done, you can save it in your account, change it on the base of your needs, recalculate the consumption and save new projects.

Finally you can save your final project and print the list, a PDF with all most relevant information with:
- The list of supports;
- The technical drawing with the types of support to use;
- The list of slope correctors;
- The technical drawing with the values of slopes;
- The summary of the project.

With MegaPro you design, calculate and create the list with one powerful tool that revolutionize the way of drawing the raised floorings; it fits into a continuous technological innovation that gives a real support, customized and easy to use.

MegaPro is the right support and with Impertek innovation to be continued…

Category: Fixation systems
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