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Published on dicembre 16th, 2014 | by Sara Leonardi



Made in Italy


Via Galileo Galilei, 6 - 30035 Mirano (VE) - ITALY

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Production: Doors

Rototranslating door system

We have been active in the furnishings market for over forty years, offering solutions to a broad range of needs.
Our leading product is the ERGON® LIVING rototranslating door system.
ERGON® LIVING is a globally recognized door hardware system that allows the door leaf to both rotate and slide, reducing door opening/closing clearance space requirements by 50%.
We produce door hardware directly in-house and subject it to rigorous strength and durability tests.
We are thus easily able to custom-make any system to meet specific customer needs.

The ERGON® LIVING line comprises the following series:

  • ERGON® LIVING T.E. for solid or hollow-core doors, with pivot shaft in the door jamb.
  • ERGON® LIVING S40 FOR HOLLOW CORE DOORS with pivot shaft in door leaf, and offshoot of the tried and proven ERGON® community hardware.

The COMPACK LIVING® line comprises the following series:
COMPACK LIVING® 180 and COMPACK LIVING® 90 allow doors with a traditional handle to fold without need for a track. Indeed the movement of the door is more fluid, stable and quieter than possible with track systems.

Built to stand up to the heavy use in public areas, NORMAL COMMUNITY has long been distinguished for its exceptional RELIABILITY.

Its versatility, absence of sharp corners and conplanarity of elements make the ERGON® rototranslating door ideal for contexts where health codes and safety laws (L. 626/94 in Italy) require frequent antiseptic washes: hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools, preschools and public spaces in general. There are no particular dimensional or structural requirements for installation: a normal subframe is all that is needed.

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