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Published on gennaio 12th, 2016 | by Sara Leonardi



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The Contract needs new spaces

compack_living_180Celegon has always been engaged at the forefront of innovation, in the research of simple and effective solutions to make the internal spaces more manageable and comfortable.
The technical staff studies the best solutions for every need, and the needs of the Contract require the maximum optimization of the spaces, of ergonomics, and of the simplicity of use.
The COMPACK Living 180° System is certainly the right response for contract and hospitality, folding the door until it “disappears”, flush with the wall, reducing its size by half during the opening and closing phases, rendering the movement fluid and silent.

The right response for hotels, SPAs, fitness centers: everywhere that silence and the experience of wellbeing have the same definition as the location.
Compack Living 180° is the innovative door opening system that reduces the space needed by the door by 50% during opening and closing, and which eliminates the presence of the door once left open.
How? Very simple. Through a unique mechanism, without running tracks, patented by Celegon, the opening comes about with a fluid and silent movement and with a minimum expenditure of energy. The door folds on itself without the use of rails, differentiating itself, in this way, from all other “folding” opening systems, fitting flush to the wall, therefore eliminating any encumbrance.

  • Genial ideas are sometimes distinguished by their simplicity. Compack Living 180° is revolutionary because it eliminates traditional running rails.
  • It reproduces the fluidity and pleasure of the movement of modern drawers, bringing them to a door system
  • It expands the floorspace

This is why Compack finds wide use, not only in private residences, but also in the creation of interiors for hotels, sports clubs, museums, offices, conference centers, etc.
Compack Living 180° throws open the doors to new spaces and new furnishing opportunities. Even for the Contract.

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