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Published on Giugno 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Canaletto, 49 - 41042 Spezzano di Fiorano (MO) - ITALY

Phone +39 0536-817 111 - Fax +39 0536-817 300

Production: porcelain stoneware floors and wall cladding

Italian porcelain stoneware:performance, functionality and aesthetic appeal

Caesar manufactures exclusive products for floors and walls for all countries in the world and for any lifestyle.
Caesar exports porcelain stoneware tiles to more than 90 countries and is present with branch offices in Italy, USA and the UK, offering a range of more than 3800 products in 18 different sizes and a variety of finishes.

Since 1988 Caesar has been synonymous with high quality Italian porcelain stoneware, the perfect merger of technology, performance, functionality and aesthetic appeal.
Over the years, the company has achieved important results, so much so that it has become a point of reference in the sale of porcelain stoneware tiles for dealers, building firms, designers and architects, also maturing a specific know-how in evolved solutions of porcelain stoneware floors and wall cladding.
From the very start, Caesar has set itself apart from its rivals by specialising exclusively in the production of porcelain stoneware, thus ensuring today excellent technical know-how in the sector.
The broad range of products offered covers different market segments and comes hand in hand with a thorough consulting service that advises on details such as choice of porcelain stoneware materials and through to the solutions that best meet the needs of planners.
Caesar has always invested considerable resources in research, design and innovation to guarantee that customers obtain top quality porcelain stoneware, “100% Made in Italy” and manufactured in complete respect of people and the environment, for the most varied destinations of use in every single corner of the globe (porcelain stoneware floors and walls for interiors and exteriors).
Today Caesar, a company that is part of the Gruppo Concorde, one of the leading ceramic tile holdings in the world, and with an annual production of more than 6 million square meters of porcelain stoneware, exports its products to more than 90 countries and has branch-offices in Italy, the USA and the UK offering a product range of more than 4,000 items, with a thickness ranging from 4.8 to 20 mm, available in 23 sizes and various surface finishes designed to meet different lifestyles and architectural needs.

Caesar porcelain stoneware

Caesar porcelain stoneware for floor and wall cladding is a ceramic product obtained using selected raw materials (such as quartz, kaolin, feldspar and clay) via a production process including the firing of ceramic slabs in 100 meter long kilns, where the tiles reach a temperature of 1250°C, in order to achieve the suitable vitrification of the mix that makes the product totally inabsorbent, resistant to abrasion and extremely durable.
The excellent resistance properties combined with the aesthetic appeal of the product have contributed to the success of Caesar ceramic tiles internationally, so much so to make this product the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor flooring and cladding.
Caesar’s constant commitment to research (supported by the large investments in avant-garde technology) aims at creating innovative products down to the finest detail, to offer Customers a wide choice in terms of colours, sizes, finishes, thickness and able to cover every single market segment.
Moreover, the continual and stringent controls throughout every single phase of the production process (as proved by the ISO 9001 certification) ensures the top quality of Caesar porcelain stoneware tiles and the compliance with the safety norms in the workplace.
The best evidence of the reliability of Caesar porcelain stoneware are the many and prestigious projects across the world, from residential to large-scale commercial venues.


cartt. caesar


Environmental quality


At Caesar, the respect for people and the environment is a veritable work philosophy, a core value.
For this reason, the company pursues a program safeguarding the environment that confirms Caesar as one of the leading realities in the production of eco-sustainable porcelain stoneware.
And it is no coincidence that Caesar was the first porcelain stoneware manufacturer in the world to obtain the ISO 14001 certification (1998) and the first in Italy to be awarded the Ecolabel quality mark (2001) for its products, a testament to the belief that it possible to combine industrial development, quality improvement and environmental sustainability.
Moreover, Caesar porcelain stoneware can be used by planners following the guidelines of the Green Building Council and can contribute to the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) of buildings.
In light of this, Caesar made the decision to offer a wide range of porcelain stoneware tiles containing a considerable percentage of recycled material, in order to reduce the exploitation of virgin raw materials and reduce the production of waste.
A further step forward to protecting the environment has been made with Care24, the innovative technology by Caesar that means it is possible to produce ceramic slabs able to abate a considerable amount of polluting substances (such as NOx, VOC and PM10) present in the atmosphere.

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