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Published on Giugno 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Via Canaletto, 49 - 41042 Spezzano di Fiorano (MO) - ITALY

Phone +39 0536-817 111 - Fax +39 0536-817 300


Made in Italy

Porcelain stoneware with natural effect

With Life, Caesar develops natural wood into porcelain stoneware to create atmospheres of relaxing wellness in any space. The chromatic range includes 5 natural hues.
The collection is available in 4 listel-sizes, including the new big size 22,5×180 cm.




The Essence of a Project

With its colours, fragrances and harmony, nature is always able to give us unique emotions.
The secrets lie in admiring its wonders and gathering the inspiration that they offer.
And this is exactly what we did to create Life.
We carefully examined the natural effect of walnut wood in traditional and contemporary venues.
We looked for this wood essence and its colours in the workshops of carpenters and ebonists, to appreciate its manufacturing and study its characteristics in order to be able to faithfully reproduce its shades, surface and veining onto porcelain stoneware.
With no free interpretations and no excesses, to preserve its natural touch and create spaces of refined and elegant character.

The chromatic range includes 5 natural hues characterised bya marked shade-on-shade versatility both on single pieces andon the whole floor, reproducing the typical colour shading of natural wood.


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