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Published on Giugno 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Mons. Banfi, 3 - 21042 Caronno Pertusella (VA) - ITALY

Phone +39 02 963911 - Fax +39 02 9650314

Production: industrial doors, automations for gates and pedestrian doors

Being specialists in automatic entrances.

The two principal Italian facilities are located at Caronno Pertusella (Varese) and Quarto d’Altino (Venice).
The former comprises the General Management, Sales, Administration and Marketing and a facility where high-speed industrial and overhead doors are designed.
The same facility also makes industrial doors.
The Venice facility designs and manufactures automations for gates and pedestrian doors.
Each of the above two facilities comprises R&D and Technical Assistance departments.
Other production facilities integrate the Italian organisation.
Over the years, Ditec has established sales branches in various parts of the world, according to requirements and the opportunities offered.
Today Ditec can count on production facilities in 4 different countries and mainly sales branches in 10 others, with over 500 employees.
Ditec products are sold in 70 different countries with an export share of around 70%.

Mission & Vision

For Ditec, company mission and strong point coincide: being specialists in automatic entrances.
Specialisation implies a concentration of energies in this specific sector, to achieve the very best possible results. Consolidated experience, cutting-edge technology, ongoing innovation translate into superior quality processes, materials and products.
Professional skills recognised as being at the top of the market.
We believe that the diffusion of technology, which distinguishes us right from the choice of our trademark, not only represents a company expansion programme, but also a project with social implications, inasmuch as it gradually upgrades personal comfort, in both public and private buildings.

Research & Development

For Ditec, research is an ongoing commitment.
A large share of resources is invested to continue producing winning solutions in terms of functionality, ergonomics and design.
Original, cutting-edge solutions, as the numerous patents registered every year at international level go to show.
Being specialists means getting there first.


Ditec’s after-sales services represent a distinctive hallmark of the company.
The After-Sales Departments in the production facility are backed by local after-sales units, located throughout Italy, thanks as well to a network of Dealers and area specialists, the Ditec Experts: hundreds of trained and updated professionals, operating in every region of Italy and also developing abroad.

Energy saving

By following the example set by our modern society, where saving energy and caring for the environment have become a duty of every citizen, Ditec has invested its resources to design new automations which minimise energy consumption or allow them to operate “with no energy consumption” by using solar energy, whilst ensuring high performance operation.
To achieve this, we have developed the following types of products:

  • automations for energy saving gates: they reduce energy consumption both when in use and in stand-by mode;
  • automations operated by solar energy: they allow energy to be saved by using power supply units which convert solar energy into electricity.
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