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Published on Giugno 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Industrial overhead doors

Ditec BSD-P42 (Ditec Business Sectional Door) is the vertically operated sectional overhead door, especially suited for industrial and commercial applications.
High quality and highly reliable, it consists of insulated horizontal panels sliding on wheels within side runners.
It adapts to every installation, leaving you all the space you need inside the building.
Ditec BSD-P42 is offered for medium and large-sized spaces and also represents the best solution for closing merchandise loading points.

Technical features

Size: min 2450 x PH 3026 mm, max 8000 x PH 6000 mm
Weight of the standard insulated door blade: 13 kg/mq
Lateral sliding runners made of cold-profiled, galvanised sheet metal
The joint between the guides forming the door is spot welded
The sliding operation of the panels in the runners is ensured by silent-operation side rollers fitted with very strong plastic wheels with radial ball bearings
Torsion balancing springs made with steel wire, shot-peened and powder coated guarantee longer life and better aesthetics
Lower doorstop lip seal made of impact-deformable material

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